6 Ways City removalist expanded their business in the mids of inflation, Economic uncertainty and covid?

When things are going well for your business, often we become complacent, but more often than not, things don’t always go as planned, in fact when thinking about Murphy’s Law “What can go wrong, will go wrong!”. So, you might be asking the question, “What can we do help our business manage these risks more effectively?” Well, Cityremovalist have the answers!

This post explores the various ways that you can expand your business. If you’re looking to invest in growth amid challenges that businesses face, Cityremovalist have adopted several strategies and as you will see, often one or more of these options might be right for you.

1 Expand to other locations that are in demand for your services!

Opening new locations is a common expansion approach. Expanding to other locations will enable you to widen your brand presence and awareness offline and reach new customers. Cityremovalist  have expanded to new locations across Australia, you will find Cityremovalist operation near you, but at the same time kept their core procedures, policies, and technologies standardized across all locations to give their customers the same quality of service and an assured familiarity that they will get the same high-quality experience.

2 Expand your services through other sales channels!

Do not have the capital or not too enthusiastic on opening at a new location? Consider diversifying your channels, instead. Cityremovalist have established an online presence since many consumers continue to gravitate towards online services. An additional way Cityremovalist have expanded their sales channel is via online marketplaces by marketing their services to marketplaces such as CompareQuotes, Findamover, OneFlare, AirTasker Etc.

3 Grow your service offerings!

Adding new services to your collection could help you grow your business. A great way to go about this is to think of any related services that you can sell. Cityremovalist have come up with creative ways to supplement existing services such as offering backloading, packing, dismantling, and assembling, just to name a few!


4 Expand to other markets!

Cityremovalist have diversified their services even more by venturing into new markets not only offering services to households, but have expanded into warehousing, retail, office removals.


5 Offer flexible payment options!

A great way Cityremovalist have been able to supplement their revenue streams is by offering flexible payment options for instance:

  • Bank Transfers
  • Online Booking
  • Cash

This has allowed Cityremovalist to diversify their payment options to give their customers greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to modes of payment and as a result allowing Cityremovalist greater market share exposure.

6 Leverage your Assets!

A good way to go about your expansion whether it’s expanding to a new market or offering new services, is to leverage your assets. Cityremovalist having such a large fleet of trucks, therefore have found an innovative way to operate as contractors to other likeminded businesses who might not have the capacity to fulfil demand. Cityremovalist realize that the main advantage of this strategy is the fact the business they are teaming up with are offering the same service, therefore expanding within the market that they are both targeting making it mutually beneficial!

Cityremovalist have shown us six amazing ways to expand your business even in the midst of uncertainty proving that with some creative thinking, ingenuity, and forethought, can turn the most taxing problems facing businesses into financially rewarding solutions!

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