9 Exercises for Your Sprained Ankle

If you’ve ever suffered an injury, you will know how painful it could be. Perhaps, you were participating in a sporting activity and got your foot kicked. It’s not an experience that needs to be repeated because no one loves to feel pain. However, with a lot of exercises, you can help strengthen your muscle and bones. Based on the nature of this article, we will concentrate on ankle injuries. Once you sustain an injury around your ankle and it’s diagnosed to be a sprained ankle situation, what you should consider as the patient is to get enough rest.

Ideally, a few days of rest is recommended and enough to lessen the ankle pain. After a few days of rest and medication as prescribed, then the patient may begin exercise little by little to help recover the ankle to its initial state. While it is important to do exercises that tackle the ankle area, it is also great if you could find a way to train the rest of the body. When this is done, it will guarantee the recovery of the whole body or if pain continues to get worsen you may want to consult with a physiotherapy a physiotherapy similar to Evoker to help you rehab

But of course there are a couple of do it yourself exercises activities you can perform to help alleviate the pain. So, in no particular order, let’s reveal nine recommended exercises you can engage in for your sprained ankle.

Exercise 1 – Elastic band pull

Get a band that has a resistance feature and tie around an object like a desk or a pillar. Then position yourself on the floor, while sitting, hook your toes into the elastic band. Pull your foot backward and front repeatedly.

Exercise 2 – Heel raise

Rest against a wall with your hands in front of you. Then, get up on your toes and sit back slowly. Don’t rush the process as you can switch to the sprained ankle later.

Exercise 3 – Towel stretch

Wrap a towel around the patella of your foot, and in a comfortable position. Pull your foot or toes back to the direction where the towel is tied. You can hold this stretch for 30 seconds and do it moderately.

Exercise 4 – One leg balance

Place your hand on the wall or chair back, then lift the opposite leg that isn’t strained. In this position, lift the leg with injury slowly. Continue with the process for about 25 seconds.

Exercise 5 – Knee motion

In a comfortable position, sit on a chair with your foot placed flat on the floor. Move your knee from side to side, make sure you feel a movement around your ankle. This process can be repeated until about 3 minutes.

Exercise 6 – Standing calf stretch

Here, you can stand directly facing a wall, then place your hands on the wall for partial support. Place the good foot in front and the injured foot at the back. Slightly bend the knee of your good leg until you feel a stretch on the calf of your injured leg.

Exercise 7 – Ankle alphabet

Sit on a chair, stretch your leg out, then reminisce the alphabet letters, and try to write with your toes in the air. Remember, your toes are doing the fictitious writing. Do this until you feel pain around the sprained ankle region.

Exercise 8 – Wall pushes 

Sit on the floor with your feet straight resting against the wall. Bend the sprained leg and push against the wall. You can be in this position and repeat severally.

Exercise 9 – Ankle out

Sit down with your ankle set on a rolled towel, then tie a loop to the end of the band. Then hook it around your legs. Let your good foot serve as a pivot. You should repeat this until you feel pain.