Amazing Ways to Keep Your Flowers Fresh For Long

Since time immemorial, flowers are exchanged as a token of love, respect, and admiration. They are a perfect gift on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Flowers look beautiful, fresh and can immediately light up your mood. However, they tend to lose their freshness, colour, and fragrance very soon. Therefore, we are here with a few steps that you must follow to maintain them for a prolonged duration.

1. The container/vase

The lifespan of your flowers depends on the vase you choose. The container to place the flowers should be wide enough so that they are not squeezed. Vase with wide necks ensures that they get enough space and air. Also, make sure that the container is clean. A clean container will help prevent the risk of bacteria growth and your flowers will remain fresh for a longer duration.

2. Cut the stems

Trim off the stems of your flower regularly to keep them fresh. The stems should be cut, forming an angle of 45 degrees. In the case of store-bought flowers, the stems should be cut before placing them in water. Regular trimming of stems increases the absorption of water. Stems of sensitive flowers like roses should be cut underwater to prevent air bubbles and bacteria.

3. A suitable place for flowers

The freshness of your flowers will also depend on their placement. The vase should not be kept in direct sunlight or close to a heat source. The hot surroundings will absorb extra moisture and may speed up the drying. Also, avoid placing your flowers near a bowl of fruits. Fruits emit a small amount of ethylene that can damage the flowers and make them dry.

4. Hot water

The next step includes a process called hardening. The trick is to place the flowers in hot water and keep them in a cool surrounding. The water should not be too hot. A temperature of approximately 44 degrees Celsius is ideal for hardening. If you don’t want to harden your flowers you can also use warm or room temperature water. Hot/warm water moves faster through the stem as compared to cold water. The cold environment will prevent the loss of moisture, keeping them fresh. However, cold water is preferable in case of Bulb flowers.

5. Remove leaves

The leaves below the waterline must be removed before placing the cut flowers in the vase. The leaves have a tendency to rot quickly, which can result in bacterial growth. The entire flower can get infected and will dry sooner. Hence, it is essential to remove all leaves below the waterline. 

Also, faded or dead blooms should be removed as and when noticed as they produce ethylene which can deteriorate the healthy flowers.

6. Change the water

Changing the water every day is absolutely essential if you want to keep your flowers fresh. Not replacing the water regularly may lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. Also, clean the container and remove all the debris when changing the water in the vase to reduce the risk of infection. You can add a few tablets of aspirin to keep the water free of bacterias.

You can also use flower preservatives, either store-bought or homemade. Flower preservatives contain biocides that prevent bacteria from spreading and growing and keep the flower fresh and healthy.

These are some of the tricks that will help retain the freshness of your beautiful flowers for a prolonged duration. Now that you know these tricks feel free to use Interflora promotional code and Interflora Discount Code to avail of amazing discounts and offers.