7 Benefits of Foot Massage

Benefits of Foot Massage and Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology

The benefits of foot massage and body massage, for instance, are known to be beneficial for one’s health and well-being.

Any kind of massage promotes a feeling of relaxation and calmness to most individuals. Just the thought of being massaged feels absolutely great.

Though its health benefits are not completely proven and sometimes difficult to quantify,  many individuals have claimed that massage works for them and has given lots of benefits to them. Furthermore, it has been generally been accepted as therapeutic by professionals.

The proof can be seen and felt in action. So if you’re not sure about it, visit a caregiver or a therapist who will provide you a full-body massage, and determine how you felt before the massage, and after the massage.

Chances are, you will always feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated after having a good full massage. And this effect and the benefits will last even for days.

Want to know what are those benefits of a massage? Check them out how a massage can help improve several certain conditions:

1) It helps in treating diabetic foot ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcer treatments take a lot of time and are often difficult.

A health research study has discovered that a compressed air foot massage helps to reduce the time needed to heal a diabetic foot ulcer. It works by improving the body’s local blood circulation.

Researchers also suggested its potential use to supplement medical and surgical treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

2) It is used as a complementary therapy against cancer

Cancer patients experience various changes in their minds and bodies. The benefits of a foot massage have been used as a complementary therapy to the medical treatment used for cancer patients.

Numerous research studies reported benefits including decreased fatigue, vomiting, nausea, pain intensity, and anxiety in cancer patients.

3) It helps in easing post-operation pain

It is not unusual for patients to experience pain after surgery.

A research study shows that after giving foot massages to post-operative patients, their respiratory rate, heart rate, and pain score decrease significantly.

It is also notable that foot massages were given to the said patients 1-4 hours after they took their pain medications. Hence, the foot massages could have an impact on the results.

4) It helps in treating artery disease or reducing the risk of it.

An artery disease is caused by narrowing and hardening of the arteries which leads to decreased blood flow.

A foot massage has been known to increase blood flow. Various studies conducted on patients with arterial disease have shown that the foot massage helps increase the patients’ blood flow.

5) It provides benefits of reflexology to aging individuals

Sometimes when individuals hit the middle age, they experience some unwanted changes in the way they think or feel.

A health research study conducted on middle-aged persons showed that foot massages and reflexology decrease systolic blood pressure, perceived stress, and depression. Moreover, the study also showed that these massages help strengthen a person’s immune system.

Reflexology too remove stress6) It helps deal with menopausal changes

There many psychological and physiological changes that may take place during a woman’s menopausal.

A health study reported that a foot massage can help decrease the symptoms of menopausal in women such as:

  • night sweats
  • hot flashes
  • depression
  • anxiety.

7) It helps deal with high blood pressure.

Accordingly, the American Heart Association reported an estimate of 1-in-3 adults in the country that has high blood pressure.

Another research study has shown that although a foot massage through reflexology does not improve the patient’s blood cholesterol levels, it otherwise does help lower the systolic blood pressure and significantly improves the person’s life satisfaction.

You should definitely give yourself a good foot massage!

It is also good to educate yourself more about foot massages learn more about its benefits. There are books, online articles and other sources that will give you more information about how to give a foot massage and its benefits.  You can prevent cracked heels from happening by considering the following tips: massage, lotion, and high quality foot wear.

But the simple test is to just give yourself a simple foot rub using oil and see for yourself how much better you feel when you are finished.

If you enjoy the results but find it difficult to massage your own feet then consider purchasing a professional foot massage machine, as these work wonders with your feet.

DISCLAIMER: The information given in this article is for general consumption only and does not constitute any kind of medical advice, Please consult your professional medical caregiver for professional advice.