Benefits of Using a Foot Massager

A short relaxing foot massage now and then can help provide the needed relief, especially after a busy day of almost endless standing and walking around, which causes our feet to swell up. Surely, everyone enjoys it, but does it have any benefits aside from the feeling of invigoration?

For many centuries foot massage has been one of the old practices in dealing with several health conditions that include anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and several others.

Reflexology has been proven effective by scientific studies and modern medical practices. This treatment includes applying pressure on some acupressure points on the feet, which are endpoints of specific nerves connected to vital organs.

However, getting a daily foot massage can be expensive; it is better to invest in a foot massager like the Medi Rub 2000 plus. This maintenance-free foot massager stimulates blood flow in the feet and calves. Healthcare and fitness industry professionals widely use it to aid in preventing cramps, swelling, and many foot-related problems. The said foot massager has also proven to be particularly effective in providing relief for those suffering from peripheral neuropathy and diabetes.

Benefits of Using a Foot massager:

Stimulates Blood Flow

Stimulating blood flow is one of the most important and clinically verified benefits of getting a foot massage. Circulation mainly concentrates on distributing and regulating blood cells in all body parts. Aside from that, it also redirects harmful cells to specific parts responsible for their removal or repairing.

Blood flow in the lower body parts is less than in the upper body because of the distance between the legs and heart. However, massaging helps regulate circulation, which is not happening under normal circumstances. This process helps deal with plantar fasciitis and other health complications like diabetes.

Aids Eliminate Cramps

A foot massager can help eliminate pain from cramps. A muscle cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more muscles and can be very painful.

Leg cramps are generally related to muscle fatigue and nerve problems—the risk of experiencing night leg cramps increases as people age. Pregnant women are also at a higher likelihood of having night leg cramps.

A few minutes of foot massage can help eliminate the pain from cramps.

Foot Aches

Foot Pains After Running

People who do long-distance running, especially athletes, experience pain in their feet. A high-quality foot massager eliminates knots and tightness of muscles that are common after running. Some people may also experience pain in their calves. Fortunately, MediRub 2000 plus massager is capable of targeting those as well.


People with bunions are constantly in pain; this condition can be hereditary or non-hereditary. A foot massage can be helpful for this condition because it relaxes the muscles.

Uniquely Designed Arch Bar for strengthening the Plantar Fascia

Plantar Fasciitis is a common medical condition when the ligament present between the heels and toes gets stressed or inflamed. Fortunately, a foot massager can help deal with plantar fasciitis in the comfort of your home. 

Plantar fasciitis is a common medical condition related to pain and discomfort. Usually, it is faced by middle-aged people; however, younger people also face it in certain cases.

Based on some clinical studies, combining foot massage therapy and stretching can positively treat the symptoms and pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Invigorates nerve endings related to vital points of reflexology

Relaxation is one of the instant feelings one gets while using a foot massager. People have to spend a lot of time sitting or standing in today’s working conditions, stressing the muscles. Sitting for longer periods stops or reduces blood circulation in the lower part of the body. However, standing or walking a lot can result in swollen, tired, and sore feet. A foot massager deals with both conditions by working on the muscles and pressure points to provide relief.

For Personal and Clinical Treatment

Based on a study conducted by experts from the University of California and the Journal of Cancer Nursing in 2001, foot massage helps cancer patients relieve nausea and pain.

An important aspect of any surgery is the recovery process during which freedom of movement and normal movement is relearned. Having a foot massage is very helpful in improving and fastening up the recovery process.

Who Should Use a Foot Massager?

Anyone can use a foot massager, but it is considered more helpful for the following people:

Senior citizens suffering from leg pain, numbness, or soreness

A foot massager can stimulate circulation and activate the elderly’s muscles, who spend most of the day sitting or lying down. They can also soothe pain caused by joint, bone, and muscle disorders while assisting with relaxation, swelling, and general discomfort.

Arthritis patients  

A foot massager can help reduce arthritis symptoms. Arthritis is a health condition where the joints get inflamed. It can either be acute or chronic, where it can lead to fluid retention and swollen feet.

Peoples with diabetes

A foot massager can be a useful tool for diabetes, especially for those who want to increase blood flow into their legs and swollen feet.

Individuals with sleep disorders

Foot massagers can increase serotonin levels, chemicals that are converted to melatonin. This process can help promote good and restful sleep.

Individuals with back or muscle pain

A foot massager is very effective in easing lower back pains. In some, lower back pain is caused by improper posture, leading to pain in the feet and legs. A foot massager helps relieve the pain, improves posture, and eventually reduces back pain.

With a foot massager, the blood flow and oxygen are redirected to various body parts, providing relief from various aches, including the lower back pain.

Foot massager puts pressure on ligaments, tendons, and tight muscles, relieving pain.

Individuals experiencing anxiety and depression

A foot massage alleviates stress by releasing endorphins; it calms down people with anxiety and depression and enhances their mood.

Regular foot massage sessions are proven to decrease anxiety even in cancer patients. Australian scientists from Griffith University found that a ten-minute foot massage for individuals with high stress has decreased anxiety and better mood.

Pregnant Women

A foot massage is great for pregnant women to reduce the effects of edema. Edema is a medical term for swelling of the feet. It happens because of fluid retention in the feet and ankles. It is very common in pregnant women, typically during the last trimester. This condition can be minimized by massaging the feet daily, with plenty of rest and the right diet.