Treating an Ingrown Toenail Naturally

Treating an Ingrown Toenail Naturally

When you take off your shoes at the end of a long tiring day, the last thing you want to feel is the excruciating pain in your toe, most likely your big toe. When you sit down to get a better look at the toe in issue, you will notice the redness … Read more

What to Do If Your Toenails Are Orange

a close up of toenails with fungus problems

The state of your nails is a reliable indicator of your overall health, and while nail changes are normal, they can be quite concerning. If your toes suddenly turn orange, you are entitled to be concerned, but in most cases, there is a simple explanation. Orange toenails could result from a difficult-to-remove … Read more

Toenail Clippers for People Who Are Out of Shape

different types of nail clippers

Whether you’re working on your nails at home or require a trim between pedis, a pair of toenail clippers is a must-have medicine cabinet. Investing in excellent nail clippers can make a big difference in nail shape perfection and getting a decent, clean cut. When you use the little cheap ones from … Read more

Toenail Clippers for Elderly and Handicapped Persons

Cutting toenails

In choosing the best toenail clippers for the elderly and handicapped, consider buying comfortable and maneuverable ones. A toenail clipper should be easy to grip and can cut cleanly. Whether you are an adult, senior, or someone taking care of an elderly or handicapped, making toenail care part of the hygiene routine … Read more

4 Simple Tips to Manage Flat Feet Without Popping Painkillers

4 Simple Tips to Manage Flat Feet Without Popping Painkillers

Flat feet are a painful condition that affects a significant part of the global population. Also known as pes planus or fallen arches, flat feet can affect your posture and mobility. They are common among children and adults alike. Flat Feet: A Closer Look Various factors, including genetics, pregnancy, and lifestyle, can … Read more

Reasons Toenails Curl Inward

Cutting toenail

Everyone strives for beautiful, strong, and healthy nails; however, sometimes, toenails do not match expectations. Toenail curving inward is one of the common problems. Why does it happen?  The usual reason that nails curve inwards at the sides is nail trauma and injury. However, it can also be a vitamin or mineral … Read more

Problems People May Have with Their Toes

Athlete's foot

The toes play an essential role in the function of the foot and the ability to balance and walk properly. The toes are usually the last part of the foot that touches the ground while walking forward. They are also the most prone and most frequently injured part of the foot. Toes … Read more

The Top 11 Benefits of Massage Therapy

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If you’re like most people, you probably think of massage therapy as a way to relax and de-stress. And while that is one of the benefits of massage therapy, it’s far from the only one! There are many different benefits to be had from regular massages, including: 1. Improved circulation One of … Read more

7 Symptoms When You Have Arthritis in Your Foot

Foot Swelling

Arthritis is a broad title that refers to a group of more than 100 diseases that involve severe inflammation of the joints. Inflammation in your body caused by arthritis leads to stiffness, swelling and constant pain. When you have arthritis in your foot, the symptoms can range from a dull ache to … Read more

Benefits of Massage Therapists for Seniors

Benefits of Massage Therapists for Seniors

Massage treatment refers to the manual manipulation of muscles, soft tissues, using soft light-handed movements of varying length and strength. Massage therapy has been in use since time immemorial and has proven health benefits. Research studies have pointed to the holistic healing of the body during the session which continues to have … Read more