Nail Fungus 101: Types, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options

A photo of a nail fungus on the left big toe

Nail fungus is a prevalent nail infection that typically initiates as a white or yellow-brown spot beneath the tip of your fingernail or toenail. As the fungal infection progresses, the affected nail may undergo discoloration, thickening, and eventually crumble at its edge. This condition can extend to multiple nails. In cases where … Read more

Why Foot and Nail Fungus Keep Coming Back

A photo of a foot with toenail fungus

Foot and nail fungus, commonly known as onychomycosis, poses a significant challenge for millions worldwide. The vexing nature of this condition lies in its tendency to persist, often rearing its unwelcome head even after what seems like successful treatment. In this in-depth exploration, we will dissect the reasons behind the recurring nature … Read more

Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

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Introduction Onychomycosis, which is the medical term for toenail fungus, is a prevalent form of fungal infection that affects millions of people all over the world. This condition happens when fungi, typically dermatophytes, candida, or non-dermatophyte molds, infiltrate the nail bed. This results in the affected toenail becoming discolored, thicker, and distorted. … Read more

Preventing Foot and Nail Fungus: Tips for Clean and Healthy Feet

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Introduction Onychomycosis, more commonly known as simply “foot and nail fungus,” is a condition that can affect people of any age and typically lingers for an extended period. This condition, which is characterized by the growth of fungi in and around the nails and skin of the feet, can cause discomfort, discoloration, … Read more

How Can I Treat Toe Nail Fungus?

Toe Nail Fungus

Toenail fungus, known as onychomycosis, is an infection that affects the nails. It usually gets through the nail’s cracks and on the cracks of the skin. Usually, a foot that is infected with toenail fungus changes in color and became visibly thicker. The discoloration of nails could vary from brown, white, or … Read more

What is Toenail Fungus?

What is Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus or also known as onychomycosis, is a condition that starts as a yellow or white spot under the tip of your toenail. As the infection gets deeper, it may cause your nail to thicken and crumble at the edge and develop discoloration. Not only that, but it can also affect … Read more

Can Fungus Live in Shoes for a While?

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It may be tough to talk about your ongoing battle with toenail fungus. With over 20 different species of dermatophyte infections, you’re not alone! How long toenail fungus lives in shoes is among the most frequently asked questions! Learn more about this here, and you will be much more knowledgeable by the … Read more

Is Surgery Required if the Toenail Curves Inward?

a hand cleaning a toenail using a pointed tool

What Is A Curved Toenail? A curved toenail, also known as a pincer nail, is a condition in which the sides of the toenail curve inwards, causing it to penetrate the surrounding skin.  This is described as an “ingrown toenail” since the toenail curving inwards rather than outwards, effectively becoming embedded within … Read more

Should You Use Fingernail Polish on Toes with Toenail Fungus?

Toenail Fungus

Applying nail polish is one of the little pleasures most girls enjoy. Nail polish can instantly beautify the nails, giving them a fresh and healthier look. It may be true that wearing nail polish can hide any embarrassing nail abnormality; however, this might also worsen nail problems. For instance, discolorations can be … Read more

What is Metatarsalgia?


Forefoot injuries, such as metatarsalgia, are common among athletes who participate in high-impact sports in the United States. Running and leaping activities are the most common culprits. While track and field athletes are the most vulnerable, forefoot injuries are common in tennis, football, baseball, and soccer players. What is Metatarsalgia? Discomfort and … Read more