What is Trench Foot?

Feet of a person standing on toes in the rain

During WWI, the French foot murdered an estimated 2,000 Americans and 75,000 British soldiers, according to reliable sources. Since the catastrophic outbreak of trench foot during WWI, people have been more aware of the importance of keeping their feet dry. Trench foot can still occur today if your feet get exposed to … Read more

What Are Fallen Arches?

A pair of feet with a pitch-black background

When gazing at a mature foot, you’ll notice its upward arch in the center. The upward curve is called an arch. Tendons (taut bands) play a vital part that connects the heel and foot bones. Moreover, the arches in your foot get formed by several tendons in your foot and lower leg … Read more

What Are Claw Toes?

Wet Feet of woman

Do the end two joints of your toe bend like a claw and become inflexible? Then you may have a claw toe! Claw toes, which are frequently confused with hammertoes and mallet toes, can be genetic. That can be caused by ill-fitting shoes, muscle imbalances, or an indication of a neurological condition. … Read more

What Are Hammertoes?


A hammertoe is a foot malformation in which your toe bends or curls downward rather than forward. This ailment can affect any toe on your foot. The second or third toe is the most commonly affected. A hammertoe may be present at birth, but it often develops over time. It is the … Read more

How to Fix a Split Toenail

Image of a doctor clipping off a split toenail.

Toenail splits can be a real pain sometimes. Not only are they unsightly, but if the splits are significant, they can be incredibly painful and problematic. Many people have trouble going about their days. So, how can one fix a split toenail? Ultimately, you have to grow them out. There are several … Read more

Why Its Important to Treat Toenail Fungus Right Away


With fungi present naturally in and on the human body with various other bacteria, fungal infections can affect any part of your body if their presence overgrows. Talking of fungal toenail infections today, it is a common condition that leaves you discolored, brittle nails. The scientific name of the condition is onychomycosis, … Read more

What Causes Black Toenails?

Black Toenails

What Causes Black Toenails? When a body part has a different color than normal, this can be a clear indication that something is wrong. Such is the case with having black toenails. In this condition, the soft tissue in your nail bed has either become bruised, started bleeding, or is possibly displaying … Read more

Athletes Foot Explained

Athletes Foot

What is athlete’s foot? If you have itchy, smelly or blistering feet that follow you around and never just go away, chances are you are suffering from athlete’s foot. But just what is “athlete’s foot”? Tinea pedis, more commonly known as athlete’s foot, is a fungal infection that occurs on various parts of the … Read more