Shopping for Foot Creams

Shopping for Foot Creams

Medicine can be a pain to get a hold of in the United States, and that’s not because medicines are actually more expensive in the states, it’s all in how the offset for pharmaceutical profitability is handled here versus the rest of the first world. Unfortunately, the way things are set up … Read more

What are Insoles and How Can They Help?

insoles for rubber shoes

If your shoes are too big or your boots are a little too loose, they might feel uncomfortable, especially when you wear them the whole day. This is why other people find it helpful to add a pair of insoles, whether in their favorite pair of heels or a new pair of … Read more

Unusual Facts About Toes

Toes of a newborn baby

The feet may not get a lot of attention, but they are incredibly functional. And the toes serve most of its purpose. We may not think about why we have toes, but do you know that it’s responsible for providing balance and support when we walk or run? It may not seem … Read more

Unusual Facts About Feet

A woman’s feet”

The feet are the most underappreciated yet overworked part of the body. The hands have it easy compared to the feet, as the feet are often enclosed for hours on end and are required to carry all our body weight. The feet are a humble part of the body, but it’s perfectly … Read more

The History of Nail Polish

red nail polish

The nail polish is regarded as a symbol of beauty for thousands of years by women and men alike. However, before nail polish was considered beautiful, it was used for various purposes other than showing the elegance of one’s nails. Here is a brief history of the nail polish, from its origins … Read more

What is Foot Binding?

an x ray of lotus feet

Every culture throughout history and around the world has their concept of beauty. During the Song dynasty up to the late 19th century in China, one of the physical features that women must have to be beautiful is by having small and doll-like feet. Humans have relatively large feet as theyallow us … Read more

What is Foot Supination?

walking with normal supination

The feet serve various purposes in a human’s daily life. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to stand properly and move effortlessly on the ground. Walking using our feet involves various movements, and two of them revolve around the proper shock absorption of our soles, toes, heels, and ankles while walking or … Read more

What is Pronation?

stair climbing with neutral pronation

Running is deemed as one of the best and most accessible forms of exercise. But sometimes, running can cause more harm than good for our bodies due to many reasons. One of the reasons why running can be harmful is that some of us may have feet that are unable to properly … Read more

Should You Stop Wearing High Heel Shoes?

Nothing completes the perfect outfit and makes it sexy than a gorgeous pair of high heels. These lady shoes are glamorous, pretty, eye-catching and add some height that comes in helpful if your gene pool shorted you, allowing you to stand tall. Walking in heels automatically make your walk more feminine, accentuates … Read more

Interesting Facts About Toes and Toenails

Interesting Facts About Toes and Toenails

Us humans tend to take some parts of our body for granted and unfortunately, our toe and toenails fall in that category. But let’s be honest, we owe so much to our toe and toenails because we cannot fully walk without them and our feet would not look that presentable if we … Read more