How to Keep Your Feet Healthy as You Grow Older

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Introduction It is becoming increasingly important to prioritize our overall well-being as we progress through the different stages of life. One aspect of our well-being that is frequently neglected is the health of our feet. Our feet are the foundation of our mobility, enabling us to explore the world around us with … Read more

Winter Foot Care: Tips for Keeping Your Feet Warm and Healthy

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Introduction Ensuring proper foot care is important for maintaining general wellness, as the feet serve as the primary support system for the body’s weight and remain in constant motion. An aspect of foot health that is frequently disregarded is the importance of maintaining warmth, particularly in colder seasons. The condition of having … Read more

Taking Care of Your Feet Without Going to A Salon

Taking Care of Your Feet Without Going to A Salon

Every woman desires to have pretty, healthy feet. It doesn’t mean you have to regularly visit foot spas daily, nor you have t go to an expensive salon to have your feet taken care of. In fact, you can do a lot of foot TLC in the comfort of your home! While … Read more

Pros and Cons of Getting Pedicures

Pros and Cons of Getting Pedicures

Are you planning to get a pedicure anytime soon? That’s an excellent way to pamper yourself, leaving you with clean and beautiful toenails. Yet, did you know that getting pedicures transcends its cosmetic purposes? Truth to be told, there are lots of other perks to pedicures that just getting pretty toes. Often, … Read more

All About Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

Most of us probably like to treat ourselves to a pedicure once in a while. It is one of the things that take us away from life’s everyday stressors. If you book yourself for a pedicure, you expect the nail technician to use a file or pumice stone to remove calluses and … Read more

All About the Acupressure Points for Feet

Acupressure Points for Feet

Foot reflexology is a treatment that involves applying pressure to different points on the base of the feet and has been practiced for centuries. The various points have a corresponding area of the body, and knowing these points and how to massage them have several health benefits such as reducing stress, promoting … Read more

How To Take Care of Your Feet While Traveling

How To Take Care of Your Feet While Traveling

If you’ve ever made your way around the world with a backpack, you probably know that it is essential that you have the right gear to keep you comfortable from your clothes, bag, and all the way down to your socks and shoes. Your feet are the most important part of your … Read more

How Often Should I get a Foot Spa?

How Often Should I get a Foot Spa

Besides the hands, feet are perhaps the most used part of the body every single day. When we walk, run, and managing our day-to-day tasks, we put pressure on them, making them vulnerable to injury and pain.  Although the feet are just on the lowest part of our body, our entire body … Read more

Foot Binding – Chinese Culture of Small Feet

Foot Binding – Chinese Culture of Small Feet

During the Tang Dynasty in China, foot binding was a practice that is done to young girls. Foot binding aims to restrict average growth to a young girl’s feet and make them as small as possible. Back then, having small feet was considered an attractive quality even if the effects of this … Read more

Most Common Feet Problems


There are several pieces of advice on how we can take care of our feet. Despite our feet being the least noticed part of our body, they are perhaps considered the most abused part, especially as we walk, run, and attend to day-to-day errands.  Due to overuse and improper care of our … Read more