Everything You Need to Know about Massage Guns

Massage guns are quickly gaining popularity. They are a great solution to your muscle soreness and tension problems. Also known as percussion therapy, massage guns allow you to alleviate your muscle pain at home.

What are massage guns?

Massage guns are massaging devices that help repair muscles by releasing tension and soreness. They are made for massaging deep muscle tissue, which has many therapeutic benefits. 

High-quality massage guns have different attachments for different parts of the body. You can adjust the speed and level of vibration based on your needs.

What is percussive therapy?

Percussive therapy refers to a low-frequency high-amplitude massage technique. Percussive therapy means massaging the muscle tissue deeply by putting targeted pressure on sore or painful areas. While this type of massage St George therapy is gaining popularity in athletes, anyone can benefit from this massage technique.

What body parts can I massage with a massage gun?

You can use a massage gun on practically any muscles in your body. You can use them to relieve tension in your arms, legs, back, shoulders, neck, and abdominal muscles. 

Are massage guns just for athletes?

No, massage guns can benefit anybody. Massage guns can relieve pain in stiff backs for people who work in an office, help muscles recover in people who are recovering from an injury, and help the elderly relieve tension and improve their muscle range.

Are massage guns safe?

Yes, massage guns are perfectly safe for at-home use. You do not need to be a physical therapist to operate a massage gun. Most people can use a massage gun on themselves without guidance. They are straightforward and effective to use on your own.

What if my massage gun doesn’t relieve pain?

If you have been using a massage gun and are still experiencing the same amount of pain, the issue may not be your muscle tissue. You could be experiencing joint pain or pain caused by something else entirely.

How do I find the right massage gun?

The best massage gun for you will have a variety of speed levels and attachments. The more options your device has, the more personalized you can make your massage gun. Changing the attachment heads on your massage gun allows you to effectively massage any part of your body that is causing you pain.

If you experience frequent muscle pain, tension, and soreness, a massage gun can be the at-home massage-therapy solution you are looking for.