Exercises That Physios Love Recommending to Seniors

Human bodies were crafted for movement. It is only in recent times that our work habits and major cultural shifts around the world, that ‘movement’ has become far less sparse in our daily lives. Although important at every stage and age of human development, it becomes crucial at our old age to exercise and save countless trips to the doctor for bad aches around the leg. In old age the priority must be to keep the various bones in motion and out of pain. Here over-exerting is not the key- remember we want to keep the muscles and bones moving and not grow them, therefore exertion will not help. The right kind of exercise will help you gain more independence, improves balance and gives more energy to execute daily tasks. A good doctor from a trusted Home Aide Agency Aventura will review your comprehensive assessment tests and provide the best exercises suited to your specific case. Doctors at Healthcare of South Florida have been recommending home exercises that require no extra setup but deliver improved muscle power and brain functions-necessary to help you improve the quality of your life or with seniors with dementia. Here are some of the top recommended exercises from geriatric doctors renowned the world over. 

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is an activity that is almost as fun as it sounds. People working with conditions such as arthritis or any other form of joint pain are bound to find these activities more enjoyable than any other. The buoyancy of water puts less stress on knees and other joints making movement a tad bit easier than on the ground. However, this does not mean it does not exhaust you. Water resistance makes you work those muscles to sustain any movement, making it a rigorous form of exercise. It improves your flexibility, strength and balance with minimal stress on your body. Your typical water aerobic routine could include:

  1. Aqua Jogging
  2. Flutter Kicking
  3. Leg Lifts
  4. Standing Water Push Ups
  5. Arm Curls 

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is another low impact exercise that works on mobility of the muscles, their strength and flexibility. And this is not it. It has also shown improvements in mental health and regular practitioners vouch for its benefits in their sleep and the way they handle their depression or other mental health issues. A good chair yoga routine could include:

  1. Overhead stretch
  2. Seated Cow Stretch
  3. Seated Cat Stretch
  4. Mountain Pose
  5. Seated Body Twist

Resistance Exercises

Resistance exercises include working out with a resistance band which is all the rage right now in the exercise market. It is nothing but a sturdy band of rubber put around thighs or hands during exercising specific body parts. What they do is that they reduce the stress on the body while providing the required resistance to ensure that muscles work. Resistance exercises have essentially no upfront costs, making it ideal for at home exercise easily accessible to all seniors. 

A typical routine includes:

  1. Leg press
  2. Triceps Press
  3. Lateral Press
  4. Bicep Curl
  5. Band Pull Apart


Pilates is a new favourite of young and old alike. A physical fitness system developed as recently as the 20th century, pilates improve postural alignment while strengthening muscles. In this form of exercise the core strength is emphasized. The benefits include improvement in balance, posture and increase in flexibility in older adults. A typical routine for seniors could look like the following:

  1. Mermaid movement
  2. Side circles
  3. Food Slides
  4. Step Ups
  5. Leg Circles

These exercises form an integral part of routine that a physiotherapist from a trusted Home Health Aide Agency Aventura recommends apart from quantified nutrition to older adults to maintain their body as well as their overall well-being. 

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