History of Crocs Shoes

The comfortable yet ugly shoes named crocs are famous all over the world. Some people recognize them for their uniquely weird design. On the other hand, a decent majority enjoys this shoe range for its extreme comfortability.

Though crocs are worn nearly everywhere on this planet, not many of us know its back story. Just like its unique style, the brand also holds an interesting history. Today, let’s look at the background of crocs and understand how it became one of the most known brands.

The Background Story of Crocs

In 2002, three friends, Scott Seamen, Lyndon Hanson, and George Beodbecker, came across a new style of clog shoes made by a Canadian company. This company was called foam creations, and it used a compound called Croslite. This material grabbed their attention, and its comfort level left them in a state of curiosity.

At that time, all the three masterminds behind crocs were sailing in the Caribbean. When they got back, they started working on the project. Because the sample they saw was only beneficial for its material, they knew that getting Croslite technology was necessary. Therefore, they initiated their planning for it.

To make it a success, it was important to produce a piece that stands out in the market. And, the trio knew exactly how to do it. From the beginning, their motto was to make something comfortable and relaxing. Keeping this motto in mind, they designed the masterpiece we now call Crocs.

The Concept behind its Design

When you look at Crocs, you will see a weird vibe that is frankly unique. But most of us fail to realize that it is highly practical. As discussed, the makers of this brand had their priorities straight. They knew their product would be something comfortable instead of traditional shoes that prefer looks over comfort.

For maximum ease of the wearer, they decided to go with the signature broad look. It gave enough room for the foot to slide easily, and the toes rested on the rubber sole that serves as a cushion. Moreover, holes were punched to provide ventilation. One common problem of shoes that we often encounter is sweaty feet. And, with these holes, crocs solved this issue once and for all.

Lastly, they added a strap at the back for fitting purposes. Because the shoe was overall broad and loose, it could slip off easily. To avoid this problem, the signature strap was added. It gives extra support and prevents the shoe from falling off. Other than that, it also serves as a style accessory if you put it over the front.

After getting to know all this, we can say that the makers weren’t fooling around with the shoe. Instead, each element was perfectly planned. From the holes to the sole, every aspect of the crocs has its definite function.

The Reason behind the Name Crocs

Have you ever wondered how this name was selected in the first place? Well, it has a background too. When the team finalized the design and approved the prototype, they knew the name has to be sketchy. Something that will suit their unique style. Therefore, after a lot of trials, they settled down with the name Crocs.

This name was chosen as it complements the design of shoes. Supposedly, it is said that Crocs resemble a crocodile in shape and overall look. But naming it ‘crocodile’ would be rather stupid than smart. Thus, it was shortened, and crocs were then selected to be the final name of the brand. This explains the logo and other marketing as well.

The Expansion Process

Crocs was a small company when it came into existence. Essentially, it was just one unique idea that worked as a building block of this empire. The three friends behind this company understood that only a great innovation is not enough to build something. This is why, soon after the launch of Crocs, they decided to invest heavily in their business.

In 2004, they conquered the parent company, which inspired them for crocs (Foam Creation). Since this brand had exclusive rights to Croslite, they got the advantage of being the only company with this technology. Owning Foam Creations was a huge step and an important one. It ensured that no one could hijack their Croslite and use it for their versions of comfortable shoes.

After Foam Creations, crocs bought Jibbitz in 2006. This company was responsible for crocs’ signature holes in the shoes. Buying it gave them a chance to be self-sufficient in every manner. This provided Crocs with the exclusive rights to the manufacturing process, and they could easily alter anything.

One would think that the wave of crocs ended with buying out a couple of factories, but in fact, it was all just a part of their business strategy. Within ten years, Crocs was skyrocketing like no other shoe company. It also collaborated with many other manufacturers to produce different designs.

If you closely follow the business of crocs, you will see that it has faced many ups and downs. Every other year, experts come up with a theory that the company would go bankrupt soon. But each time they come up with something new that once again increases their sales. As opposed to what many believe, Crocs is not a casual shoe company. Instead, it is a full-fledge business strategy that is slowly unfolding every year.

How it Got Famous?

When Crocs was released, the company got a major backlash for the style. All the critics were defaming the brand for how the shoes looked. But that didn’t stop the manufacturers from producing their product. In fact, all the bad comments increased their exposure. Hence, serving for their benefit.

As discussed, the entire idea behind the unique shoes was utterly clear. This is why the continuous remarks on the brand had little to no effect on the company. Though people didn’t like the product through their computer screens, it did get them lured into trying it out. And this is precisely what the team wanted.

Because crocs are made for comfort, the customer doesn’t need to like their look. But people who do try them verily fall in love with them. The airy sole and the casual style provide a lot of ease to the feet that otherwise suffer from uncomfortable footwear. Moreover, it also helps with the overall posture of a person.

Due to all the stated facts, the trend of crocs spread like wildfire. People kept buying their pairs, and the company kept making them. And once the brand made a ground audience, it started producing new shoes for its customers. This provided some inclusiveness and also gave them a lot of exposure.

Each time a new line gets released, the brand grows even more. Some people buy the product because they trust the quality, while others invest just for curiosity. Either way, the company benefits.

The Bottom Line

Crocs are unique footwear that does not please everyone. In a world full of luxury shoe brands, Crocs is one of the most criticized brands. Whether the style choices are concerned or the business, this company faces criticism in all aspects.

But despite all the negativity, the brand keeps on growing because they know their product has demand in the market. It is fairly new, yet it has a huge audience that loves to purchase their shoes.

Crocs are all about comfort, and this is why they never fail to deliver. From children to adults, everyone enjoys their comfy pair of crocs. Even the people who ridicule the brand publicly admire this footwear.