HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

To people who are feeling sick and tired of persistent back pains, the HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat will be the answer to their back woes. There are just a few massage cushions on the market that corresponds affordability to effectiveness in treating back pains.

Many customers rave about the HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat and have been using it daily. After the first use, customers are expected not to feel the pain or stiffness in the backs the next day (or two).

A satisfying Shiatsu massage

Unlike the other massage cushions, the HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat offers limited features and options. However, the HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat provides the best Shiatsu massage compared to its competitors. If you’re looking for that, you cannot go wrong with the HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat. Each of its three Shiatsu massage modes offers satisfying Shiatsu massage experience. The massages can be localized (upper or lower back, or up and down the spine).

The shiatsu mechanism helps you direct the massage to your upper or lower back region as desired.

It features three massage programs, each for full, upper, and lower back and you choose which program you need.


Compared to other models, the HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat doesn’t come with a remote control. However, it has the integrated controls which can be easily accessed any time you want. With this feature, this back massage cushion becomes easy and convenient to use.

While many cannot attest to the durability, it otherwise does come with a 2-year warranty.

It doesn’t get as hot as some of the higher end models, but considering the price, customers who have purchased this product may see no reason to complain. It still provides decent enough heat that will soothe your tired and aching back. This soothing heat feature is an optional feature and you can turn it on or off according to your preference.

This HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion provides exceptional massage complete with heat treatment for people with back pain.

Select a temperature that you’re comfortable with, sit back, and enjoy in this Shiatsu massage cushion with heat.

It easily fits in most of chairs to provide a more relaxing, soothing and satisfying massage.

About the Product HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

  • It has the traveling shiatsu mechanism which moves up and down the back so covers all areas.
  • It features three programs – full, upper, or lower back. These massage programs are adjustable according to an individual’s preference.
  • It provides soothing heat to help relaxation.
  • It has the integrated control-remote controls all functions.
  • It easily fits most chairs – the simple velcro strap allows easy fixing to chairs.
  • It can be used in most positions – Yes, you can use it any where you can sit down — a chair, recliner, even lay it out flat on bed and use that way too.


  • The HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat can be one of the most affordable back massage cushions you could ever find on the market. It will definitely fit your budget!
  • It has three massage modes
  • It can provide a full-back massage
  • It provides soothing heat for quick relief from back pain
  • It has easily-accessible controls
  • The cushion can fit to any type of chairs (but do not expect to fit every type of seating)
  • Weighing less than 10 pounds, this back massage cushon can be used anywhere


  • With such pricing, you can’t expect it to be versatile like the more expensive models.

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