Massagers for Larger People

Whether wanting a body massager or for therapy purposes, there are various options. However, the problem with most massager chairs is that they are too small for larger to fit in. So, finding a perfect massager for a plus-sized is a bit tricky. 

Most available massage chairs cannot fit a 250-pound, six-foot man. According to Medical News Daily, the average weight differs according to age, country, and race. The average 20-year-old man weighs 197.6 pounds, stands 5 feet 9 inches, and has a waistline of 40 inches.

However, Americans are taller and bigger; therefore, they need appropriate massage chairs to accommodate the need. 

The problem with buying massage chairs is that it is hard to try them before buying them and even harder to return them. So this will help in choosing the best massage chairs for larger and taller people.

Inada Sogno

Inada Sogno is a high-end massage chair built with Japanese design and quality. Inada offers high-quality chairs worth the price you pay for that do not break down in less than a year. Inada has continuously been competitive in the Japanese massage chair market.

With Sogno massager, customers can immerse themselves into a full body massage with more than 1200 inches of body coverage using 100 airbags.

It features soil-resistant anti-bacterial synthetic leather, perfect for customers with kids. It has a system of 106 body categorizations, which is part of the scan feature to cater to the massage experience specifically.

The Sogno does not have a specific weight capacity meaning it can support anyone who can fit into the chair.

Real Relax Favor 03

Real Relax Favor 03 is a company with a mission of providing affordable massage chairs with all the features of an expensive one.

The Favor 03 is very affordable and can support larger people with its 20-inch-wide seating. It can accommodate a 6 feet 1 person that weighs 400lbs.

It is one of the cheapest massage chairs on the market. Although it does not have a track and roller system, 8 fixed massage points vibrate and move circularly.

Kahuna SM 7300

Kahuna SM 7300 is the biggest accommodating massage chair. Kahuna is one of the biggest companies in the massage industry. It is a trustworthy brand and has big enough chairs for American-sized users.

The kahuna SM 7300 can carry up to 320lbs; 6 feet 5 inches

Why choose SM 7300?

  • Kahuna has great customer service
  • This unit is one of the top-rated massage chairs on Amazon
  • It can accommodate big and tall people
  • It is cheaper than most other chairs
  • It looks good, aesthetically

Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus

Luraco is a trusted brand by the United States Military and one of the few massage chairs proven to provide health benefits.

The iRobotic 7 Plus is a big chair for big people. It is one of the largest massage chairs globally that can accommodate up to 6 feet 9 inches and 300lbs.

Why choose Luraco iRobotics 7 plus?

  • It is a multi-awarded massage chair for its design, health, and quality home furnishing
  • It is safe—a UL and FDA-listed medical massage chair
  • Preferred brand by US military and Veterans hospital
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Features 5 personal memory options that can save settings for multiple people
  • A medical breakthrough – it is the only massage chair endorsed by more than 20 doctors
  • Specializes in chiropractic benefits and is engineered to improve posture, reduce pain and help with the sleep disorder
  • Features a 22-inch wide seat

Titan Pro Jupiter XL

The name Titan Pro Jupiter XL speaks for itself. Titan or Osaki is one of the most innovative massage chair brands in the industry, with a big warehouse in Texas.

Why choose Titan Pro Jupiter XL?

  • Made particularly for bigger people
  • Zero gravity makes you feel like you are floating and decompresses the spine
  • Stylish airbag system located in the head, hip, arms, shoulder, calf, and feet
  • Adjustable and customizable

Buying massage chairs online is very risky. There is a great chance that the product is not what you expect it to be. Returning an order can cost 20% of the item’s price, and the whole process of replacing it can be a hassle.

When buying a massage chair for a larger person, here are some things to look out for:

1. Automatic Body Scan

This feature uses sensors to scan the body and adjust the massage accordingly. An automatic body scan involves changing the stopping position of the roller as it gets higher on the track.

Cheaper chairs do not have a quality computerized body scan. They are usually faulty, and although they may have various sizes and shapes, they do not make any difference.

2. Customer Reviews

Always read and look for customer reviews that specify height and or weight before placing an order online since there is no way to try the product, reading comments from non-paid customers with similar shape and size as you who have tested it and approved it.

Just look for authentic reviews and not one that raves about how good the massage chair is without mentioning any downsides.

3. Foot Extension

Some massage chairs have manual spring-loaded leg extensions, and others have automatic leg extensions. The automatic version would be a better choice because it’s uncomfortable to constantly apply pressure to the bottom of the foot part, especially in zero gravity.

If a massage chair claims to have the capacity for taller people and it doesn’t have a leg extension, that means they are not being truthful about their height accommodation.

4. Height Limitation

It is important to look at the height limit of the massage chair before buying it. It is available In the product description. 

Most massage chairs have height limitations because the rollers inside and the foot extension can only reach according to their limit.

5. Seat Width and Depth

One of the most significant parts to consider in choosing a massage chair is the seat width and depth. The average seat width is 20 inches. Some are narrower, and some are wider. If buying for a bigger person, try looking for something wider than 20 inches. 

To determine which size to choose, get a measuring tape and measure the width occupied while sitting down.

6. Weight Limitation

Massage chairs usually have a weight limit. The weight capacity is stated in the product description is based on the tests conducted by quality assurance during manufacturing.

Although the massage chairs can carry a couple more pounds than stated in the product description, it is important to follow them for safety reasons.

The weight capacity can range from 200lbs to 500lbs. It is best to choose a chair that is 50lbs more than your weight.

Still can’t decide which massage chair to buy or don’t have enough budget for a massage chair? Check out Homedics MCS-370H Dual Shiatsu Massage Cushion. It is more affordable and convenient to help you relax and release some of the tension in your muscles right in the comfort of your own home. 

The unit includes a removable cover that, when used, will customize the intensity of the massage. It works with or without the cover.

It is easy to use; a unique strapping system makes it easy to fasten it to most types of chairs. Slip the straps over the seat/chair and adjust the fastening straps to secure them.

The cushion likewise features a massage mechanism that travels up and down the back of the cushion with options to focus from mid to the upper back or from the middle to the lower back.