Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus Review

Are you suffering from those nasty foot pains that just never go away? Or are you suffering from diabetes, neuropathy, flat feet or plantar fasciitis? Then, we offer a solution for you:

The Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus is exactly what you need if you often experience any form of foot pain. It is specifically designed to quickly relieve those tired, aching feet.

This advanced foot massager is very easy to use and has a 10-foot electrical cord that allows you to move it about easily. This particular modelĀ is a favorite in many local reflexology offices due to its outstanding reputation to deliver fast relief.

Standing on your feet all day puts a lot of stress and pressure on your lower legs ankles and feet. All of this built-up tension can lead to painful cramping or aches in your heels, toes, and soles of the feet.

The Medi-Rub has two speeds that will deliver powerful oscillating currents throughout the entire foot region, helping to improve the condition of your feet.

Medi-rub Massagers MR-3F Foot Massager 2000 Plus

As soon as you place your feet onto the machine’s footpad you will instantly feel it working to stimulate your blood flow. The motion causes the muscles in your feet and lower legs to relax.

Even before you know it, those painful aches have vanished.


  • It deeply penetrates the muscles
  • It helps in improving blood circulation in the feet and legs
  • It helps in soothing achy heels and toes
  • It helps in easing and preventing leg cramps
  • It aids in strengthening the foot and in stimulating nerve endings
  • It features two comfort level speeds
  • The operation is almost whisper-quiet
  • It features an extremely sturdy construction

Unlike other massagers that are geared toward foot relief, the Medi-Rub Foot Massager oscillates instead of simply vibrating. This circular oscillating motion is the key to deeper penetration into the muscles, helping to improve your blood circulation. This machine will make you feel like you’re being treated with a hands-on full massage, which provides superior health and healing effects.

The Medi-Rub has a low and high settingĀ to provide you with a choice of how intense of a massage you wish to experience.

For those suffering from extreme aches, you can choose the high setting gives you optimal penetration to provide relief to your feet. But if you otherwise have sensitive feet or you just like a less intense massage, the low setting is best for providing gentle stimulation.


While the Medi-Rub has proven to work wonders for many people, some find that the machine’s oscillating action is too intense to bear, even at the lowest setting. As a result, it can be too uncomfortable for those with sensitive feet.

You can wear socks or shoes while using the machine to make the experience more comfortable.

The lack of more intensity settings is a minor drawback for those who prefer to have several levels of massage action.

However, two settings keep things simple and are adequate for most people.

Another disadvantage is that the unit’s bulky design can render it difficult to travel with and store.

Is it worth the price tag?

The Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus is a little too expensive compared to other models, that’s because of its advanced technology and durability.

Users will have to weigh the value of owning a professionally designed product compared to a cheaper one that may not deliver on promises.

Consider the fact that many reflexology offices provide effective aid to patients by using this same model. This will give you the assurance that it is indeed a quality product that is even used by professionals. In other words, it can be worth the high price tag.

Customer Comments

“I bought this massager for my 87 year old aunt, who suffers from leg cramps so bad that they wake her up at night…She loves it…No more cramping at night and no more numbness in her legs.”

“This has seriously eased my foot pain to the point where it is almost completely gone (I have heel spurs in both feet) and it eases my knee pain…I really recommend this for circulation and relief of foot pain. It’s money well spent.”

“If you wear dress shoes, if you’re on your feet all day…15 minutes on this thing at the end of your day will feel like heaven on earth.”

The Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus is one of the professionally designed top rated foot massagers created specifically to soothe those tired, aching feet and eliminate painful cramps.

Both medical professionals and individuals use this model. The machine has a reputation for being one of the best foot massagers available.

It is durable, easy to use and very effective for improving circulation in the feet and lower leg region of the body. Perfect for those who suffer agonizing foot pain and other conditions such as flat feet, diabetes, neuropathy, and many others.