Review: FootLog

Are you suffering from foot pain that just doesn’t go away? Does it hinder you from doing your normal activities and the things you love the most?

If you are suffering agonizing pain in your feet and you want to get rid of it at once, the FootLog is the answer for you. This is a great foot massaging tool to help relieve the soreness and pain that you might be experiencing in your feet.

The Foot Log is a foot massager and a foot exercise tool in one. It is scientifically proven to help you drive away the extensive pressure that your feet experience every day.

What does the Foot Log do to your feet?

  1. It relaxes your muscles and joints.
  2. It massages the fluids back into the heart.
  3. It helps in stimulating the reflex points to reduce pain.
  4. It exercises by moving the nerves & tendons.
  5. It can be done while sitting comfortably.

In today’s society, most of us are having fast-paced lifestyles, and more and more people are suffering from painful, uncomfortable feet. Despite that, we just keep on going, and going, and going… We neglect our poor feet along the way.

As a result, we start to suffer unbearable pain and major discomfort in our feet. We may even injure our feet if we keep on neglecting and abusing them, wearing inappropriate footwear, etc.

So, if you are suffering from tired, sore and painful feet, then it’s about time to give them the love, care, and attention that they deserve!

The Foot Log is highly recommended for:

  • People whose occupations require a lot of standing, walking or running.
  • Athletes who put tremendous pressure on their feet
  • People who suffer from certain foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis.

The Foot Log foot is a great foot massaging tool that provides you with instant relief from foot pain. And it’s inexpensive, too!

Foot Log Foot Massager

It is absolutely easy to use! All you have to do is to just sit down, take the weight off your feet and begin using the FootLog. You can massage your foot using the Foot Log while watching TV, reading or listening to your favorite music.

What benefits does the Foot Log foot massager give?

  • It provides relief for your hurting feet, easing the tension in the muscles.
  • It helps in improving your blood circulation.
  • It helps in reducing stress.
  • It uses the reflexology techniques and principles, giving yourself an overall feeling of relaxed sensation.
  • It is absolutely easy to use and transport.
  • It doesn’t require power or batteries, so it’s ready to be used anytime and anywhere.
  • You can see the results after only a few minutes of using the Foot Log Massager. Regular use of it can even help in completely eliminating foot pain.

Just slip the Foot Log underneath your desk, remove your footwear, and put your feet on it… voila! That’s exercise at work.

Maintenance for the FootLog is easy! Simply wash with mild soap and let it air-dry.

As stated earlier, the Foot Log is easy to use. So no need to worry if you’re using it correctly or not. Every product unit also comes with a 64-page manual that contains the details of the product as well as its benefits and uses.

Let’s take a look at a testimonial from one of the satisfied customers who has purchased the Foot Log:

Last summer, out of the blue, when I’d get out of bed, it felt like I was walking on nails. It would go away after a few hours, but it was painful and strange. After researching it, I realized I was experiencing plantar fasciitis.

So I was thrilled when I found the Foot Log. I used it regularly for 2 weeks and I bought some insoles for my shoes and voila… the pain was gone. It hasn’t returned either. The Foot Log feels good on my feet and eliminated my pain. I’m a believer!Paul S.

Say goodbye to foot pain with Foot Log foot massager! This simple tool is effective to relieve your hurting feet. It is easy to use, easy to carry and transport, and it doesn’t cost a lot so everyone can afford one!

You know that you and your feet deserve the best relief and care — so order the Foot Log foot massager now!