Shopping for Foot Creams

Medicine can be a pain to get a hold of in the United States, and that’s not because medicines are actually more expensive in the states, it’s all in how the offset for pharmaceutical profitability is handled here versus the rest of the first world. Unfortunately, the way things are set up your, the entirety of that pharmaceutical profitability offset is reflected through the price point of the medication directly. And the rest of the first world, this is usually handled through taxation instead, meaning the price point of the medication upfront is much lower. While everyone eventually pays for the medication in the long run anyhow, the system does have the advantage of being more accessible on a per-case basis.

In the United States, while there are provisional things in place to help low-income entities access life-essential medications, things like foot creams and skincare, equally vital the quality of life just not survival, really don’t have any breaks associated with them except in cases of the elderly.

So, you’re only real choice is to shop through a Canadian pharmacy. PricePro is an example of a Canadian pharmacy which sells online, and one that is very well-geared for selling to the United States. This allows you, as an American citizen not paying into Canadian taxes, to take advantage of quite a loophole indeed.

You probably have some questions, though…

Is this legal?

I can totally understand why you would be reticent to believe that you can legally purchase medications across borders. Certainly, pharmacies would love for this to not be permitted, but pharmaceutical companies are benefiting either way, so they actually won’t do anything to stop you. It is in fact a violation of trade agreements to prohibit the sort of trade, as long as it’s not a controlled substance.

Even if it’s a controlled substance, actually, they can still be arranged, there are just a lot more hoops to jump through, understandably. It is completely legal though, and it is also very safe. Pharmacies like this one are respected, certified institutions closely regulated by the Canadian government, whom actually have a stricter safety code with things than in the United States, believe it or not.

So, if you need something like skincare, sleep aids or foot creams, your best bet is to shop through a site like this.

It’s easy to do, you simply have to shop for foot creams at PricePro Pharmacy, just as you would shop for things on any other retail site. I recommend that you also aim for generics, as these will save you even more money. Generic medications are literally identical in every important practical way to brand-name medications, the only differences are form factor in name. Even doses generally 10 remain pretty much the same, meaning that transitioning from a brand-name to a generic isn’t going to require you to be terribly conscientious of how you use the medication.

Take advantage of this loophole, and just be aware that you will have to wait for the product to be shipped.

Foot creams need not be too expensive and you can certainly find your favorite foot cream at a great price at