Should You Give A Massager As a Gift?

Why would people need a massager when they can simply go to a therapy center for a session? Well, this equation might not be true for everyone. In this busy world, people don’t have hours to spare for pampering, and that is when a massager can be a savior!! Seems relatable? Or Do you know someone who is in the same boat? If you are nodding your head in affirmation, then it’s high time to get a great massager either for yourself or your beloved. Wondering why? Well, apart from physical and mental relaxation; there are a bunch of other reasons that make massagers a great gift. By the end of this post; you are going to believe it too. Keep reading!

Reasons To Gift a Massager 

Reasons To Gift a Massager

You know a great thing about massages? They are good for just about anyone; from pregnant women to healthy adults and athletes to seniors. The therapy is not just safe and beneficial, but also great for people suffering from health conditions, like fibromyalgia, cancer and arthritis.

Here, we are going to discuss a few more point that will make you add a massager to your gift list instantly. 

1. It Shows Care – a thoughtful gift

Gifting a therapeutic gadget to someone is a great practice of displaying your love and affection towards them. It is a way of showing ‘I Care For Your Wellbeing’ without even saying it. 

An efficient massaging equipment can be a real treat, but it is not owned by a lot of people. Thus, this thoughtful gift will not only bring smiles to the receivers, but they are also going to remember you with good feelings after every relaxing session. Isn’t it a great deal?

2. Relieve Soreness and Stiffness – a gift of ease

One of the biggest benefits of a massager is relieving stiffness and soreness from different parts of the body. Especially, it makes a great gift for those who spend hours sitting in front of their computer screens throughout the day, which leads to back pain and stiffed muscles in the neck and shoulder area. A nice massage during these times can be a life changer! Trust me.

Besides, a massager can also benefit people with chronic pain, either because of an injury, aging, a physical deformity and other reasons. Wondering how it works? Well, the mechanism is simple; gentle pressing during a massage makes the body distribute endorphins to form a connection with the brain, resulting in reduced pain symptoms. 

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3. A therapy to Reduce Stress and Depression – an extremely useful gift

Depression and stress are common issues faced by a majority these days. They are not just confined to mental health; stress is the root cause of many physical problems too, including body aches, headaches, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems, hypertension, inflammation, increased cortisol levels and the list is as long as you can imagine. The good news is that; a great massager can help you combat these symptoms. Basically, the vibrations of an electronic massager stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system of a body (usually known as digestive or rest system). As a result, a lot of good things happen to a body, like relaxation, quick healing process, healthy digestion, muscle ease and sound sleep.

Moreover, stress can also cause weight gain, and a massager can help you slow down the weight gain process by reducing stress levels from the body. Your loved ones are going to be grateful to you for such a useful present!

4. A Versatile Gift

A Versatile Gift

Choosing a gift for someone is not an easy task, even if it is for your parents. In case of massagers, they are a versatile and universal gift option that is beneficial for all kinds of people, regardless of their choices.

Moreover, there are a lot of choices when it comes to massagers, including foot massagers, portable massagers, upper back massagers, lower back massagers, handheld massagers, seat massagers and the list goes on. 

Name of body part

Neck and shoulders

Feet and legs

Head and face

Thighs, lower back and hips

Full body

Type of massager

Massage cushion, heat massagers

Foot massagers, massaging chairs

Head and eye massagers

Massaging seat

Massaging mats

How it works?

Cushions are usually fixed on the chairs (office or car seat). They are controlled by a  remote.

Special massagers are there just to cater the sole of your feet. Besides, there are massaging chairs available to work with knees, ankles, calves and feet. You just need to sit on it; the appliances will do the rest for you.

They are two types of head and eye massagers, either handheld of fixed. The purpose is, however, the same; relaxing the scalp and improving blood circulation.

These massagers need to be placed on the top of a seat where you can sit and get a nice lower back massage.

The mats require the person to lay straight, so you can get a full body massage all at once.

Technique used

Shiatsu massage technique

Compression, vibration, reflexology

Heat and vibrational technique

Vibrations and heat

Gentle stroking and vibrations

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5. Allow Receiver to Enjoy Me-time – a much-needed gift

Life is busy! Not everyone is able to get some extra minutes from their packed routine for pampering. From busy professionals to exhausted moms; anyone can forget to indulge in self-care let alone booking the massage therapy. Fret not! We have a solution for your problems; massagers are known as one of the best gifts for women of all age for a must-needed relaxing session. The best thing about these amazing equipment is that; there is no need to restrict a specific time slot to use it. Enjoy your me-time anywhere at any hour of the day, whenever you feel like it! Isn’t it a great gifting option?

6. Mood Booster Gift

Going on holidays after a stressful quarter at work? Wait! You won’t be able to get the most out of fun days because of your tiring and exhausted body from all the previous work load. Therefore, don’t forget to gift yourself a massager before heading to your trip because you wouldn’t want to feel tired even on your off days. Would you?  

A massager with help in combating anxiety caused by stress, relaxing your nerves and muscles, boosting your mood emotionally and physically, improving the quality of sleep and making you happier. What else do you want in your life?

7. A Health Booster Gift

We all know someone in our lives for whom we really care but can’t do much about their health, either because of long-distance or other hurdles. Good news; you can still take care of them from a mile away. You ask how? By gifting them a massager.

The immunity response of seniors can get lower as they age. This is why; they are prone to different types of health issues, from mild to severe. However, therapeutic equipment can help build the immunity and relief inflammation by gently stroking the pressure points. Such a great way to care without being physically present!

8. A Unique Gift

Chocolates and flowers are common, now it is the time to think out of the box! Something unique, useful, noteworthy and especial. Well, a massager fits the criteria perfectly. It is not a usual gift and is extremely useful. What do you think?

9. An Environmentally Friendly Gift

People, these days, are appealed to keep only eco-friendly products in their homes. If you know someone like-minded; a massager can really be an attractive gift for them. After all, it is environment friendly and will last you as long you live, if properly maintained. The key is to choose a durable machine with updated specs.

10. A Budget-friendly Gift

A lot of you might assume that a massager is a luxury item and overly expensive. Well, this is not completely true! Firstly, there are a bunch of low-priced massagers available in the marketplace that are not just light on the pocket, but also efficient in their performance. However, if you are looking for a high-quality top-notch massager, then it is important to know that it is a LIFELONG INVESTMENT and literally the best purchase of your life. Gifting a massager to someone means you are giving them a long-lasting gift that has lifelong benefits too. The investment is worth every penny; guaranteed!

Is It a Good Idea to Gift a Massager?

The answer of this question depends on you totally; we have given you ten good reasons to ponder on for a better purchasing decision. 

Believe it or not; no gift can be greater than giving someone the ability to improve their health for a lifetime. Using a massager can be a transformative experience of learning to relax and unwind, especially for the first timers. It is one of the best gifts for women, men, seniors, professionals, homemakers and about everyone. A long-lasting, versatile, unique, eco-friendly, mood boosting and thoughtful thing you can present to those who are dear to you.