SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager

It’s time to consider the ultimate reflexology foot massage you could ever own — the SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager

Suffering excruciating foot pain that just doesn’t go away?Let yourself go from the foot pain with SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager . This foot massage machine delivers kneading and infrared heat to sooth your aching feet.

Using it is simple! Just place feet in the foot beds, sit back, and enjoy the comfort of a 3-dimensional massage.

SPT AB-762R Reflexology

Using this machine can be likened to treating yourself to a reflexology or acupressure treatment.

Some details of the product:

  • It features an elegant and ergonomic design
  • It has a vibrating plate that stimulates acupoints
  • It helps in stimulating blood circulation, relieving tension and reducing stress

What is an acupressure?

An acupressure is a branch of alternative medicine that is similar to acupuncture, only without the use of needles. Instead, it uses the fingers which gradually applies pressure to the key pressure points, stimulating the body’s self-curative abilities. It is applied based on the principles of acupuncture and Chinese alternative medicine. Originating in Asia about 5,000 years ago, acupressure is now widely practiced all over the world. Although there are no proven claims that acupressure really helps in treating ailments, individuals who have undergone acupressure have sworn by it, asserting that it brings relief to a lot of symptoms and pain.

What are the acupoints

Body acupressure points — or acupoints for short — are generally located using a measurement unit, called the cun, that is calibrated according to their proportional distances from various landmark points on the body. Acupoint location usually depends on specific anatomical landmarks that can be palpated. Many of these basic points are rarely used. Some points are considered therapeutically more valuable than others, and are used very frequently for a wide array of health conditions.

Locating acupoints

Points tend to be located where nerves enter a muscle, the midpoint of the muscle, or at the enthesis where the muscle joins with the bone.[6] Location by palpation for tenderness is also a common way of locating acupoints (see also trigger point). Points may also be located by feeling for subtle differences in temperature on the skin surface or over the skin surface, as well as changes in the tension or “stickiness” of the skin and tissue. There is no scientific proof that this method works and some practitioners disagree with the method.

Body acupoints

Body acupoints are referred to either by their traditional name, or by the name of the meridian on which they are located, followed by a number to indicate what order the point is in on the meridian. A common point on the hand, for example, is named Hegu, and referred to as LI 4 which means that it is the fourth point on the Large Intestine meridian.

Acupuncture points

Acupuncture points often have allusive, poetic names that developed over the course of centuries, often involving synonyms to ensure similar points are located on the appropriate limb. A total of 360 points are generally recognized, but the number of points has changed over the centuries. Roughly 2/3 of the points are considered “yang“, while the remaining 1/3 are considered “yin“.[7]

SPT AB-762R reflexology foot massage

  • This massage machine uses vibrating percussion to the acupoints on the sole of foot
  • It also kneads on the sides and all around using infrared heat.
  • This helps promote blood circulation, releases tension and helps to relieve stress. Your feet will thank you over and over again.
  • Everybody deserves one of these SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager machines for that exquisite relaxing foot massage.

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