Steps in Launching an Application to the Market

Application developers’ main challenge after the creation of apps is marketing. To launch an application is not simple. You can get more expert content from The current market is very competitive. For your application to be a success, you have to go through a complete stage. The stage entails designing, creation, and the launch of the application. 

Here are the stages:


Proper Market Research

Before building your application, you need to know the market. You have to look at the emerging trends in the market. You have to look at the problems the current market is facing then try coming up with solutions to the issue. Additionally, you should have an idea of the factors making other competitors thrive. 

Prototype Testing

It is important to put your application to the test in real situations. You may be thinking that your app is perfectly structured. The users may find it difficult to operate the application. So, you have to send the app to sample users. They then give you feedback about the app usage. They should also suggest on sectors that need adjustments.

Rating Panel within the Application

Users provide feedback on the performance of applications on the app stores. When one gets negative feedback, it results to a few downloads. With time, your application fails to meet the intended goal. So, you should create a feedback catalog within your application. By getting feedback, you get to make changes to the application. Here, you do not interfere with the engagement of the users. When you communicate with the users about issues they face, you create a good impression on them.

Launch Date 

When scheduling the launch date, it should not coincide with the launch of similar apps. Whenever two similar events collide, potential users get distracted. You may end up with few engagements. 

Beta Testing

It is a follow-up test with genuine users. It helps you to know whether you implemented the changes you receive in the beginning. You should expect more feedback from the users. Testing of the application speed is crucial at this point. 

Marketing Strategy  

You should carry out proper marketing before launching the app. The users should have a proper introduction to your app beforehand.

Here, you can extend your marketing to social media platforms.

Create a Website

You should accompany the application with a website corresponding to it. With the use of bloggers, you widen your market base. It attracts more users.

The website should have all the information about your application. 

Submission of your Application

Both apple and android app stores have rules and guidelines. You should look into them thoroughly before submitting your app. 

The Launch


Here, you should use paid ads to boost traffic. Have enough budget to absorb as many users as possible.

Store Rating

You should ask your friends and family to give your application ratings in the app stores. Users tend to download applications with high ratings.

Application Store Optimization

To climb up the ranks in the app stores, you need to optimize your application. By doing this, many users get to recognize your app. Compare notes from your competitors.


Application Performance

You should check your application’s performance in the app stores. It helps in knowing what you can improve to make your application better. Check through mentions on social media platforms too.  If it does well then you can reap the rewards and enjoy great options like and more.


You should always be in search of new features for your application. As time goes, your application will also need servicing.

Strategy Change

Adjust your marketing strategy where possible. Find new hacks to boost your app. Apply creativity in your tactics. You need to have an upward projection by getting more users.

After going through all these, do you think you are ready? Do not rush. Follow the process, and it will likely grant you success.