Guide to Foot Powders

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Foot powders are chemically formulated products used to reduce foot odor usually caused by perspiration, i.e., bacterial breakdown. These products are widely used around the world by people who suffer from Bromodosis or stinky feet, especially in summers. What Causes Smelly Feet? The most common reason for smelly feet is sweat. Sweaty … Read more

Can Foot Creams Help with Plantar Fasciitis?

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Plantar fasciitis can be a real torture, particularly in the morning when your first steps cause a stabbing sensation to your heel. This pain can be chronic and may worsen over time. It may lead to the last resort – which is surgery – if the symptoms have not been checked and … Read more

Foot Creams for Diabetics

Foot Creams for Diabetics

Like many other chronic illnesses, diabetes is quite agonizing. Not only you will have diabetes for the rest of your life; it can also bring a plethora of complications: cardiovascular diseases, nerve damage (neuropathy), deteriorating eyesight and hearing, skin problems and even Alzheimer’s disease, among others. How does diabetes affect your feet? … Read more

Foot Creams for Foot Health

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As the feet are the most used yet the most abused part of a human body, they deserve the right care and attention. If you are embarking on a foot care regimen or you are looking to go the extra mile in taking care of your feet, you should take foot creams … Read more

Slather It On – Foot Creams Can Help with Dry Skin

Dry skin is usually one of the common foot problems. This is also known as xeroderma, xerosis or xerosis cutis. While dry skin is harmless, it can be unsightly and uncomfortable. But when you do not promptly address dry skin on your feet, it can result to itching, scaling, cracking, and even … Read more

Tips to Prevent Foot Odor

Tips to Prevent Foot Odor

Tips to Prevent Foot Odor Smelly feet are often the source of embarrassment for many people. There are varying descriptions as to how foot odor resembles. They say foot odor smells like cheese, ammonia or malt vinegar. So how can you prevent your feet from stinking? Knowing the cause of foot odor … Read more