What is Foot Reflexology?

a reflexology chart sample showing the areas of the feet that practitioners believe correspond with the organs in the zones of the body.

Reflexology is also known as zone therapy. It is an alternative medicine that involves the application of pressure to the areas on the feet or hands using specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without using oil or lotion. The theory behind foot reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs … Read more

SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager

Reflexology Foot Massager

Sooth those aching feet with this reflexology foot massager that delivers kneading, percussion and infrared heat. Place feet in the foot beds then sit back and enjoy the comfort of 3-dimensional massage: vibrating percussion to acupoints on the sole of foot, kneading on the sides and all around infrared heat. Promotes blood circulation, releases tension and helps to relieve stress. Your feet will thank you over and over again.

7 Benefits of Foot Massage

Recieving Foot Massage

Benefits of Foot Massage and Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology The benefits of foot massage and body massage, for instance, are known to be beneficial for one’s health and well-being. Any kind of massage promotes a feeling of relaxation and calmness to most individuals. Just the thought of being massaged feels absolutely … Read more