Tips to use when writing your essay

Every good student wants to achieve the best results when it comes to writing their essay. However, it sometimes can be challenging to maintain the grades or improve your grades in your essay writing. But there is a way effective way in which you can improve in your essay, which is editing your essay well. When you edit your essay, it can make a big difference between having a good grade and having a low grade or grade that you do not expect. So it is essential to edit your work before sending or submitting it to the lecturer. 

In this article, designed by professional online exam help, you will learn some tips that will you to edit your work, and you will have the ability to get good grades.


Just after you finish writing your work, try to leave some time between when you finish your work and when you start the process of editing. You must do this because it will give you that fresh feeling it has a new start. On the other hand, if you begin your essay immediately after finishing your work, you will find out that you will not spot the errors easily, hence poor quality work.

Shorten long paragraphs and sentences

Even you exceed your word count, or not. You have to shorten your long sentences and paragraphs. Long statements are hard to read. Hence they will bore the reader. Try hard to keep your sentences within three segments at least. Also, avoid having long paragraphs if your paragraphs have more than 4 to five lines. Try to re-word your sentences. Try to rewrite your sentences in a way that they are concise to read.

Complex language

When writing your essay, you have to check for complicated language. Complicated languages often make the readers hard to read. Moreover, having complicated worlds does not make you look brilliant. 

Repetition of ideas

It is very easy to repeat words without you even realizing it. But when you go through your work, you will find those repeated ideas before the tutor finding them. So make sure you go through your work slowly and watch out for the words that repeat. Make sure you delete them. 

Spell check

There are many times we think the spelling is very accurate. But sometimes it is not. Often go through your work to see if you need to correct any spellings before submitting your work. Spell check will identify a few typos and errors, but they will not check every spelling in your work. 

Typos: spotting

These are the things that reduce the marks that we get at the end of the semester. Suppose you want to find typos in your work. Here is an idea read your work backward. It will give you another way of how you perceive reading your work. You will have the ability to identify the typos faster and effectively.


It is a kind of error that involves one using two words consecutively that mean the same thing—a statement like the “small narrow” river. Using one of the two words is ok. But the students tend to use this method to make their assignments have a lot of words. And yet, they are worsening the essay. So watch out for these words.


These tips will help you when writing your assignments. Follow them critically, and you will see your results improve. 

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