Best Type Of Foot Massagers For Baby Boomers

Looking for the best type of foot massagers for baby boomers? Well, you have come to the right place!  you can easily find one that seems to be tailored exactly for you, especially if you are one of the many baby boomers in the market for one today.

Have a look at the huge selection of foot massagers out there,

When there is such an abundance of foot massagers out there, the question shouldn’t be whether you should get one, but what the best one is for your specific needs. And how have you managed to survive without one?

You may have special considerations, as a baby boomer you will probably have some specific needs that a lot of your friends share.

These specific needs are focused on things that happen as you age:

  • Specifically the loss of circulation in your limbs;
  • The increased number of aches and pains that you feel on a daily basis;
  • And of course, the lifestyle changes that you have, or are about to make.

To figure out the best type of foot massagers for you the baby boomer, there are five simple questions that you want to ask yourself.

1) What Type Of Massage Are You Looking For?

When choosing a foot massager, there are really three types of massage action that you need to differentiate between.

  • Rolling massagers are foot massagers that feature one or a few different rollers that move over your feet slowly. The main point of these massagers is to focus on one area, in particular, keeping all the pressure focused during the massage.
  • Oscillating massagers focus on a more comprehensive massage, where several massagers stimulate each part of your foot simultaneously. This can be more comfortable for people who want a longer lasting massage that targets each area simultaneously.
  • Shiatsu massagers use rotating heads that knead one part of the foot at one time. They are very similar to rolling massagers in that they travel over the foot, rather than massaging it all at once. The main difference is that Shiatsu massagers use a rotating massager that has a number of pressure points on the head itself, rather than using the actual massager as one large pressure point.

2) Heat or no heat?

Heated foot massager is something that you will definitely grow to enjoy, especially if you live in a colder climate. That being said, unless you plan on using the heated function on a regular basis, you will just end up paying more for a function that you don’t really need.

Even if you live in a warmer climate, you may want to test out a heated massager once or twice before making the decision to eliminate that function from your shopping list.

Heated massage has a number of benefits on top of regular massage, and is something that many people benefit greatly from.

3) What type of surface do you want for your foot massager?

In general, there are two types of foot beds that you will run across when you choose among foot massagers.

Some massagers have raised bumps that help to stimulate the circulation in your feet. If you are used to triggering point massages and athletic rehab, you will enjoy raised bump type of machines as they are very similar to massage balls and other rehab products designed to ease tension.

For many people who just want a relaxing massage, without the discomfort of small raised bumps against their feet. Chose a smooth surface.

If you are one of these people, then you want to look specifically for covered foot massagers. A cushioned surface covers the actual massage motor,  which will provide a much more relaxing comfortable massage.

4) Whole foot massage or just a partial one?

Like many of the other choices that you have to make when selecting a foot massager, choosing a whole foot massager versus one that just massages the bottom of your foot is very personal.

For many, a foot massager that massages both the bottom and the sides of your foot is preferable, providing much more relief. For others, especially people who have very large or very small feet, whole foot massagers can be very uncomfortable.

If you don’t already know which you would prefer, try and find a store nearby that carries one type of each.

They don’t have to be the ones that you would prefer to use, but trying both of them out will immediately tell you which is better for your feet.

Remember, you aren’t looking to buy one just yet; this is just to see which type of massager you like.

The massage machine is probably overpriced  If it’s in a shop. So be aware of the price.

5) Vibration: yes or no?

Vibration is one feature that is extremely polarizing. Some people love a vibrating foot bed when they are getting a massage, others find that it takes away from the relaxation of the massage itself

Foot massager priced on the lower end of the spectrum tend to be a bit too noisy; many of the vibration motors in inexpensive foot massagers can be loud.

Even if you love vibration, the sound of the vibration may be too much for you to handle, leaving you with little choice but to choose a machine without vibration.

Remember, adding or removing vibration is a very personal choice, but if you don’t like it and you know that then try and find a machine that doesn’t have it included as one of the features. After all, it doesn’t make sense to pay for something that you won’t use.

In the end, finding the best type of foot massager for you is ultimately a personal choice.

However, by following the simple steps above, you will be able to single out one or a few devices that would work well for you. If you are a baby boomer, then you really do need a foot massager,  and these simple criteria will help you get the right one for your needs.