What Are the Most Common Foot Problems?

The foot is one of the most used organs in every human body. Most of us don’t even realize how many miles we walk every day. As the human feet go under extreme physical exercise, they have to be maintained in a proper way too. However, when you over-exhaust them or damage them in any way such as injury, there is a chance that you develop a short-term or a long-term foot problem. 

Most Common Foot Problems

Athlete’s Foot

The problem that occurs to most people, despite not being athletes, is called Athlete’s Foot. It is a fungal infection which develops when the foot goes through intense exercise in odd environmental conditions. For example, in the summer season, wearing tight socks and shoes may cause sweat to build up. The humidity in the air may also cause fungus between the toes. If you are someone that does not sit in an Air-conditioned office and instead, go out for work, there is a major chance that you will suffer from this medical issue.

People who suffer from Athlete’s Foot usually suffer from itching, burning, and a scaling sensation as well. While it is not harmful to a great extent and could resolve on its own, it is recommended that you apply some antifungal creams to overcome the pain. Furthermore, we suggest that if you regularly have an outside job, you should try to clean your feet at least once a day after washing them thoroughly.


Blisters may grow up anywhere on your body, but it is the feet at which they grow rapidly. For those who don’t know, blisters are small pockets that contain fluid. Generally, they are not painful but as these blisters burst and fluid spreads, it gives a burning sensation and very sharp pain. Moreover, the fluid of blisters can grow further blisters as well, if they burst. 

Blisters can occur only when the feet have been through extraordinary physical exercise. This does not only include running or walking but even standing for long periods of time may cause sweat which will ultimately result in the formation of blisters. It is recommended to burst the blisters at home and instead take medical help for draining them. Let them stay as it is until they don’t cause you pain

In certain medical conditions, blisters could emerge on the feet as a part of any other underlying issue such as flu or fever. 



One of the main reasons why many foot problems develop is because our fashion standards contribute towards them. For example, women who wear tight heels are causing pain to their feet. There are major medical hazards associated with wearing tight heels and yet the women wear them. This causes problems such as Bunions to develop on the feet. Bunions are abnormalities that occur near the toe joints and are a result of wearing tight shoes. Most women suffer from bunions but there is a possibility in men too. 

In medical terms, tight shoes cause pain to the metatarsophalangeal joints which cause deformities in the area and that is known as Bunions. You might notice a visible bump on the side of the foot or there may be corns and calluses developing in the area. Since it is a painful condition, one cannot suffer from it for long. The only solution for bunions is to start wearing shoes that are not very tight. Doctors may recommend some inserts for shoes or custom-made shoes for you to avoid this problem.  

Foot Bunions

Corns and Calluses

Corns and Calluses may develop on the sole of your feet over time. Although they are an inflammatory response by the human body to avoid causing any blisters, they are still painful as they emerge. In a nutshell, corns are specific areas on the sole of the feet which get hardened, mainly in a circular manner. Corns can also occur if you have a tight-fitting of shoes or you have been suffering from bunions quite often. 

In most cases, corns can be treated themselves and you don’t have to do anything on your end. However, if they are painful, you can get corn plasters or salicylic acid to treat them. In the worst case, corns can get hold of your feet very strong and they have to be removed surgically. Therefore, it is better to take care in the first place

Gout Disorder

One of the highly painful conditions that affect the feet in a more long-term aspect is known as Gout. It usually occurs to elder people, particularly those who are 40 to 50 years in age. Gout occurs because of the building up of uric acid in the joints of the human body, particularly in the joints. There are various types of gout, mainly acute gout and chronic gout. 

It is an intense form of arthritis that affects a person and may cause a high level of swelling too. The doctors recommend a change in the diet so as to overcome the high levels of uric acid in the body that are being accumulated in the joints. Gout may affect one part of the body and then shift to another as well. A family history of gout and certain medications may also cause this problem. Foot massagers are considered to be one great way of reducing pain occurring from gout.  

An expensive surgery can be undertaken by the patient if the problem is causing unbearable pain. 

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are one of the most important problems that is rising among all: children, teenagers, and adults as well. As the name suggests, in this condition, the ingrown nail starts to grow in the nail groove which can cause excruciating pain and discomfort. This can only happen to the feet when there is anything that is causing extraordinary pressure. People who wear shoes that are too tight or even socks that are too tight may see this problem. Moreover, those who sleep at night while wearing tight socks may also suffer from an Ingrown Toenail. 

In other cases, the ingrown toenail grows up when you have not cut the nails properly. Some people cut them too deep which causes the nail to grow inside. There will be swelling and redness in the area. Worst cases also include drainage from the toenail. Orthopedic surgeons and doctors can help you out with ingrown toenails. Antibiotics are also considered to be the solution. 

Besides, you should follow certain tips to change your lifestyle as this will help you out in overcoming the problem of ingrown toenails.

Nail Fungus

A condition where nails give a very unappealing look is what Nail Fungus is. One may have orange toenails, foul odor from the nails, and swelling too. The nail may also separate from the nail bed if the fungal activity is too strong. An infected nail is something that requires immediate attention from the patient because prolonging it would affect the other nails too, eventually. 

The home treatment of nail fungus is to mix tea tree oil with a carrier oil and apply it to the affected area. Inducing Vitamin E in your diet is also one good way to do so. You can also get Vitamin-E Capsules in the diet. 

Nail Fungus


Most foot problems are easy to cure and many might even heal up automatically with time. However, you should try your best that these problems do not emerge in the first place. The best way to do so is to wear shoes that are in the right fitting and to keep your feet clean as much as you can. Make it a part of the routine to clean your feet at least once a day.