What to Know About Foot Detox Pads

Detox foot pads as the term implies are detoxing pads that people apply to their feet to get rid of toxins. While the manufacturers claim that the pads are indeed beneficial but some people and studies remain skeptical. The pads are applied to the feet at night before sleeping to allow sufficient time for the toxins to be removed. 

Is Detoxing Beneficial?

To understand the detoxification process of foot detox pads, it is better that you first become aware of your body’s natural detoxification system. The liver happens to be the primary filtration system that is responsible for converting toxins into waste, which are then passed when you use the bathroom. 

In addition to that, the liver extracts important nutrients and vitamins from the foods to supply to your body for normal functioning. It also cleanses the blood and metabolizes medications and nutrients. 

Instead of relying on your detoxification process, you can limit the intake of unhealthy food items to make the process easier for the liver. There are many products including foot pads that claim to remove toxins from your body. 

Every manufacturer advertises their product as the best detox pads available in the market, which might seem appealing after consuming alcohol and unhealthy foods. However, the question is do you really need to cleanse your liver?

When it comes to buying and using detox products, most of them are not approved by the FDA. This means that the products have not undergone sufficient testing and trials to understand their benefits and side effects, not to mention their effectiveness. 

Do Detoxifying Foot Pads Really Work?

Detoxifying foot pads are mostly rectangular pads that are placed on the bottom of your feet. After sleeping with the footpads applied, you will wake up with the pads turned to a dark color due to toxins removed from the body. According to some manufacturers, footpads help reduce cellulite, blood pressure, and relieve headaches along with several other benefits. 

Even though such benefits of foot detox pads might seem appealing but there is no scientific evidence suggesting that foot pads work. Infact, the FDA in the past had banned several footpad manufacturers from selling several products based on false advertising. 

For instance, Kinoki, a manufacturer of the “best foot detox pads” in the market, claimed that their footpads helped remove harmful toxins, chemicals, and metabolic waste from the body. However, the body already has its own way of dealing with such toxins through sweat glands and body sweats. 

Effects and Benefits

Despite there being no evidence suggesting the benefits of detox pads as mentioned earlier but some manufacturers insist that their ingredients make foot pads effective. For example, some manufacturers sell foot pads featuring ginger. Ginger is known for erasing osteoarthritis symptoms

On the other hand, some foot pads contain lavender that helps people with sleeping disorders. Several studies have been conducted on the possible benefits of lavender oil and proved that the oil does help improve sleep quality.  

Risks and Side Effects

Many detox foot pads contain bamboo or wood vinegar. Pyroligneous acid is an active ingredient in wood vinegar. Upon coming in contact with the skin, the acid can cause burns and irritation. Some people may also have an allergic reaction to the detox foot pads. If that is the case, they should immediately stop using it and consult a doctor.

Final Word

While the hype around detox foot pads continues to rise but there is no scientific evidence suggesting the benefits of such pads. Scientists and researchers question and counter the claims of the manufacturers by reminding them that the body has its own way of dealing with toxins and chemicals. While it is possible that some foot pads containing lavender and ginger might help but others containing acids might harm the skin.