Why Birkenstocks Are the Original “Ugly Shoe”

Birkenstock has unreasonably been tagged with the reputation of being the “ugly shoe,” but they only look that way to those who have not had the experience of wearing them. Perhaps many of the gawkers and onlookers are just envious? It does, after all, take a healthy portion of cleverness to position a supposed “granny” shoe against this season’s hottest garb.

Comfort Overrides Celebrity Gossip and Nay-Saying

The original cork-and-rubber soft footbed is designed with a no-frills practicality but has the flexibility to conform to your foot’s unique shape. Birkenstock sandals provide lasting arch support, which gives them more than enough stamina to thrive as a year-round comfortable and casual shoe. The design concept is basic, well-conceived and practical: Birkenstock wants wearers to find drama-free functionality for every occasion, including the cold winter weather.

From Sandals to Clogs, the Staying Power Remains

Since the company’s inception in Germany in 1774, Birkenstock’s original concept for stylish orthopedic footwear has both won over podiatrists and defied critics. The “ugly shoe” has enjoyed decades of relevancy by fashionistas seeking luxury that’s wrapped in a smooth coating of warmth and coziness.

The classic Birkenstock Boston clog taupe comes with an extra foam layer to pad your feet from a harsh cold winter chill. Whether you plan to trek through the damp streets or stay inside, the clog’s breathable and open-pored surface keeps you on a stable footing.

Sustainable Manufacturing Comes With Eco-Friendly Materials

Fans don’t usually buy Birkenstocks just for their appearance. Their comfort, elasticity and replaceable rubber soles play a major role in most purchase choices. The clog’s outsole is made from ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is a safe non-toxic alternative to PVC. This is the material that gives Birkenstocks the ability to contour to your feet as soon as you put them on.

Eco-friendly and recyclable products now supersede luxury. All makes and models of Birkenstocks are user-repairable and their soles can be easily replaced. If the cork begins showing through the footbed, it’s time to order a replacement. Not only does a do-it-yourself shoe repair help reduce waste across the planet, it also saves money by not requiring you to buy a new pair of Birkenstocks.

Birkenstocks Help You Stay Within Your Budget

Saving money pays off, and by knowing when to replace the soles of the rumored “ugly shoe,” Birkenstocks can do their part in helping budget-minded purchasers stick to their plans. Keeping to a budget doesn’t mean you need to wear second-hand or hideous shoes. You can stay within your spending limits and still feel good about your footwear by checking online for name brand shoes for cheap. Finding a pair of Birkenstock clogs or sandals at an attractive discount can make your day.

Style should not require you to score a polished outer appearance at the expense of your inner well-being. Shoes that promote self-care can offer more value than “just looking stylish.” Beauty is, after all, really in the eye of the beholder. Birkenstocks have been produced for more than 240 years, and they don’t seem to fall out of favor. Maybe it’s time to consider downsizing from expensive high-fashion shoes to practical footwear — such as a Birkenstock Boston clog taupe that comes with a classic style, a form-fitting footbed and a replaceable sole.