Wide Leg Pants – Every Woman Should Have One in Her Wardrobe

Pants or more commonly known as trousers, in their general definition are a type of covering of the lower part of the body, and an item of clothing that is divided into sections that cover both the left and the right leg. They can go from the waist right down to the ankles in most cases, or halfway through depending on the style.

They are traced back to ancient times and were a popular piece of clothing among the equestrian people such as the Mongols and the Scythians. The Western Society was largely considered a men’s apparel however when the dawn of the 19th century began, women started to wear them too. They were, however, not known by this name, but rather called ‘bloomers.’

They were not taken well and, in most societies, rejected but when the 20th century came around it became suitable for women to wear them either as part of a casual outfit, formal wear, sporting item or for business.

Different Types of Women’s Pants

There are now numerous types of pants that fit a variety of styles of fashion, however, the wrong type of outfit can either make or break the entire appearance. There are a few things to consider when wearing them, and four of the main ones include:

  • That it is a proper fit
  • It matches your age
  • It should match your body shape i.e. round, pear, hourglass, short or tall
  • The color you choose compliments you and your appearance

Once you know what your body shape is, or the color you like the most and looks flattering on you, you can choose from several different types available on the market.

Wide-Legged Pants

One of the most trending types of pants for women is wide-leg pants. This style has been around for a long time but disappeared for a few years, and is not back and trending hard. They start narrow at the waist and get wider as they fall. These can be worn in many ways such as the how this online source has shown it here and they have many benefits to wearing them as well and not just for aesthetic purposes.

Some of these include:

  • Covering up a muffin-top or a slight belly
  • Lengthening your legs to make you look longer
  • Adds to comfort
  • They are fashionable
  • Can be worn either casually or more formally
  • They can give you more shape

Similar to these are also the bell-bottoms or flared styles which are also fitted at the waist and hips and flare out towards the knees and ankles. These are one of the more versatile styles because they can work with most types of tops. Depending on the season, for example, if it’s winter, you can layer it with a jacket or trench coat over a sweater and scarf.

You can also wear them with a crop top and or a collared shirt with flat shoes to give a semi-formal look. Some people also choose to wear sneakers with them. It is all about personal preference and what you are most comfortable with.

Harem pants

Harem trousers are characterized by being baggy and long and tighter at the ankles. Paul Poiret, a famous designer, first introduced them back in the early 1900s, and these are inspired by an Eastern style: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harem_pants

They are similar to Turkish styles and have been a trending item since the 80s, and not only worn in Eastern societies but also in the western world.


These are mainly three-quarter pants which can be tight or loose and end at the knees. They are also called clam diggers or crop pants by some sellers. They are also a stylish way of showing off your legs.


A very popular item of clothing in almost every woman’s wardrobe is the jean pant or casually called jeans. Made from a denim material, these can fit most occasions depending on the type you wear. You can dress them up with a formal top or dress them down with a t-shirt or crop top.

Amongst all the above styles there are still more options for women, not just by style but also by materials including cotton pants, silk, khaki, linen and more, but we feel like these top our list.