10 Easy Foot Care Tips

10 easy care tips for your unsung heroes — your feet!

Taking good care of feet is something that a lot of people forget to do

Foot care is important to your basic health, every day, your feet get you where you need to go, whether it’s work, visiting with friends or running a marathon. But most of us would take them for granted until the moment we start to feel pain on our feet.

To treat our feet, to prevent foot pain and to keep our feet in best shape, show your feet how much you appreciate them by giving them all the TLC they deserve. These 10 easy foot care tips will help ensure that your feet are in it for the long haul.

1. Wear appropriately-sized shoes or any other kinds of footwear

Improperly fitted shoes can do a real number on your feet, resulting in blisters, sore joints, and other problems. To achieve a better fit, shop for shoes later in the day when your feet are at their most swollen. Feel around inside the shoe for any seams that might cause blisters. Also, ensure that the heel of the shoe isn’t slipping off of your Achilles tendon as this can cause irritation.

2. Wear a variety of shoes

Believe it or not, shoes need to “rest” and dry out completely periodically. If you wear the same shoes every day, you’re not giving the shoes a chance to air out. This can lead to the growth of fungus and bacteria and can even cause foot odor. A good variety of comfortable styles will help your feet stay at their peak

3. Choose appropriate shoes

It may sound like “it goes without saying,” but lots of people damage their feet by wearing the wrong shoes or other types of footwear. Running or jogging in high heels is an obvious no-no, but so is running in shoes that are designed for casual wear or walking. Respect your feet and they will return the favor with years of trouble-free roaming. They need adequate support and cushioning for whatever activity you’re doing. Wearing the right shoes can mean the difference between having healthy, refreshed feet or not being able to finish the race.

4. Have a regular “foot bath”

Daily, careful washing as part of your daily foot care routine can prevent a multitude of foot problems. Be sure to get even those hard to reach places, like between the toes, this will help to prevent the growth of bacteria and stave off infections. Also, dry your feet thoroughly, including between the toes, every time you bath.

5. Buff Away calluses and corns

After the shower, use a pumice stone on corns and calluses. A pumice stone can be picked up at any grocery store for a couple of bucks, and it can keep your feet looking healthy and feeling great. Rub the stone across any rough, raised patches of skin on your feet, making certain to rub in only one direction to avoid tearing the skin.

6. How to get pretty feet? Use lotion or creams

Dry, cracked feet can be painful as well as unattractive. Even worse, open skin is much more prone to infection. Moisturized feet are healthy feet. For best results, apply a good quality lotion after the pumice stone, then put on socks before going to bed. The socks keep the lotion on your feet and moisturized at night.

7. Maintain nails as part of your total foot care

Nail fungus and foot fungus are both uncomfortable, and so are ingrown toenails. One of the keys to preventing these problems is properly trimming toenails. Cut them straight across, taking care to not cut off the corners. Cutting off the corners can actually cause ingrown toenails. If you find yourself annoyed by the corners, gently file them down.

8. Avoid going barefoot

Whether you’re in the locker room, at the pool or your own backyard, your feet will be protected from a multitude of threats simply by being covered. You’re far less likely to get athlete’s foot or stub a toe when you’re wearing shoes. In addition, shoes provide support that keeps your feet comfortable and happy.

9. Get a Foot MassageA little pampering goes a long way. Massage can improve circulation in your feet and legs. It can also be helpful to have another person looking at your feet. They just might spot a problem you haven’t discovered yet.

10. Seek a Podiatrist

Foot pain, other than the usual tired ache after a day on your feet, is never normal. If your feet are routinely giving you pain, look for the advice of a podiatrist to nip any potential problems in the bud.

Your feet deserve a lot of credit for getting you up and around. Use these foot care tips to Pamper your feet, it doesn’t take a great deal of time, but it can ensure that your feet are up to the challenge of your life on a daily basis.