Reasons to Use a Shiatsu Massage Cushion

a woman relaxing on the massaging chair at home

More and more people are looking for the best shiatsu massage cushion for stress relief, pain relief, and anxiety reduction. According to reports, demand for these cushions with “therapy features,” or features going above and beyond what a standard sleep cushion has to offer, is increasing faster than demand for traditional counterparts. … Read more

What to Do If Your Toenails Are Orange

a close up of toenails with fungus problems

The state of your nails is a reliable indicator of your overall health, and while nail changes are normal, they can be quite concerning. If your toes suddenly turn orange, you are entitled to be concerned, but in most cases, there is a simple explanation. Orange toenails could result from a difficult-to-remove … Read more

Toenail Clippers for People Who Are Out of Shape

different types of nail clippers

Whether you’re working on your nails at home or require a trim between pedis, a pair of toenail clippers is a must-have medicine cabinet. Investing in excellent nail clippers can make a big difference in nail shape perfection and getting a decent, clean cut. When you use the little cheap ones from … Read more

Can Fungus Live in Shoes for a While?

white high-top vans sneakers and a tin can

It may be tough to talk about your ongoing battle with toenail fungus. With over 20 different species of dermatophyte infections, you’re not alone! How long toenail fungus lives in shoes is among the most frequently asked questions! Learn more about this here, and you will be much more knowledgeable by the … Read more

Is Surgery Required if the Toenail Curves Inward?

a hand cleaning a toenail using a pointed tool

What Is A Curved Toenail? A curved toenail, also known as a pincer nail, is a condition in which the sides of the toenail curve inwards, causing it to penetrate the surrounding skin.  This is described as an “ingrown toenail” since the toenail curving inwards rather than outwards, effectively becoming embedded within … Read more

Toenail Clippers for Elderly and Handicapped Persons

Cutting toenails

In choosing the best toenail clippers for the elderly and handicapped, consider buying comfortable and maneuverable ones. A toenail clipper should be easy to grip and can cut cleanly. Whether you are an adult, senior, or someone taking care of an elderly or handicapped, making toenail care part of the hygiene routine … Read more

4 Simple Tips to Manage Flat Feet Without Popping Painkillers

4 Simple Tips to Manage Flat Feet Without Popping Painkillers

Flat feet are a painful condition that affects a significant part of the global population. Also known as pes planus or fallen arches, flat feet can affect your posture and mobility. They are common among children and adults alike. Flat Feet: A Closer Look Various factors, including genetics, pregnancy, and lifestyle, can … Read more

Benefits of Using a Foot Massager

Foot Massage Reflexology

A short relaxing foot massage now and then can help provide the needed relief, especially after a busy day of almost endless standing and walking around, which causes our feet to swell up. Surely, everyone enjoys it, but does it have any benefits aside from the feeling of invigoration? For many centuries … Read more

Should You Use Fingernail Polish on Toes with Toenail Fungus?

Toenail Fungus

Applying nail polish is one of the little pleasures most girls enjoy. Nail polish can instantly beautify the nails, giving them a fresh and healthier look. It may be true that wearing nail polish can hide any embarrassing nail abnormality; however, this might also worsen nail problems. For instance, discolorations can be … Read more

Medical Conditions Requiring Use of Air Sequential Compression Leg Massager

limb lymphedema

An air sequential compression device, also known as intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) device, is inflatable sleeves worn by patients on lower legs while recovering from an illness or surgery in the hospital. This device keeps blood flowing to prevent blood and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) problems. Healthcare providers usually prescribe medical air … Read more