Why Are Birkenstocks Popular?

old Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are known for their cork footbed that fits the feet perfectly. It is also known as an orthopedic-inspired product. The anatomical moldings are designed to relieve pressure on the feet, back, and joints while walking. Wearing Birkenstocks is good for people suffering from conditions such as high arches, Mortis neuroma, and … Read more

Guide to Foot Powders

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Foot powders are chemically formulated products used to reduce foot odor usually caused by perspiration, i.e., bacterial breakdown. These products are widely used around the world by people who suffer from Bromodosis or stinky feet, especially in summers. What Causes Smelly Feet? The most common reason for smelly feet is sweat. Sweaty … Read more

What is Metatarsalgia?

Due to allergic sensitivity, the skin of a pair of male feet has turned red.

Forefoot injuries, such as metatarsalgia, are common among athletes who participate in high-impact sports in the United States. Running and leaping activities are the most common culprits. While track and field athletes are the most vulnerable, forefoot injuries are common in tennis, football, baseball, and soccer players. What is Metatarsalgia? Discomfort and … Read more

What is Trench Foot?

Feet of a person standing on toes in the rain

During WWI, the French foot murdered an estimated 2,000 Americans and 75,000 British soldiers, according to reliable sources. Since the catastrophic outbreak of trench foot during WWI, people have been more aware of the importance of keeping their feet dry. Trench foot can still occur today if your feet get exposed to … Read more

What Are Fallen Arches?

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When gazing at a mature foot, you’ll notice its upward arch in the center. The upward curve is called an arch. Tendons (taut bands) play a vital part that connects the heel and foot bones. Moreover, the arches in your foot get formed by several tendons in your foot and lower leg … Read more

How to Fix Stinky Shoes?

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Did you know that the sweat glands on your feet are the most numerous? Yes, this is real, and this is why your shoes stink! Shoes stink when bacteria break down sweat. However, the bacteria isn’t the one that stinks. All of the sweat from your feet that unavoidably soaks in make … Read more