Caring for the skin on your feet

Without a doubt, we are all looking to perfect the perfect skin routine for our face. We worry about the products we should and in what order we should apply these. There are a million articles on the internet, guided by dermatologists, focused on your face. Even our hands get a decent focus by beauty experts.

All this leads us to wonder why there isn’t a more significant emphasis on our feet. Sure, they are more than not hidden in our shoes, but the curse of dry, cracked skin or itchy flaky skin is not to be sniffed at. Complaints such as corns, calluses, and bunions can all be prevented with some active foot repair. When we are uncomfortable in our shoes, it can directly impact our mood for the day.

So, let’s redress the balance just a little. Here we look at some of the products you should apply as part of a foot care skin routine.

Dry and clean

Looking after your feet doesn’t have to be a chore. On a basic level, you need to regularly clean your feet. We tend to think our feet are getting a good clean by virtue of standing in the shower or dipping them in the bath. However, giving your feet a rub with some bath and shower exfoliating gloves and some moisturising soap can make a world of difference.

Not only will you get rid of the dead skin cells, but you will also get in all the nooks and crannies and clear away any dirt and debris that could cause infections.

More importantly still, you should carefully dry your feet. You should pay special attention to the skin between your toes. Leaving a damp environment between your toes can lead to an athlete’s foot, a fungal infection that at first itches and then becomes sore.

Check-in regularly!

How often do you peer in the mirror and inspect the skin on your face? Now, compare this to how often you give your feet a proper inspection. You should regularly check your feet for cuts, sores, redness, swelling or bruising. You should follow up any concerning lumps or bumps and be sure to apply ointments where appropriate.

As with most things about our body, the earlier we pick up on abnormalities on our body, the easier they are to treat. So, take the time to get to know your feet, and have a benchmark for what is normal.


There is genuinely nothing more painful than cracked heels caused by a lack of moisture. Walking around on heels that have crevices akin to the Grand Canyon can be agonising. Therefore, prevention is a sensible option. Applying a moisturiser, such as Dermalogica, will prevent it ever becoming a problem.

You can also tone the skin on your feet by bathing them in an aromatic oil that rebalances. Fill yourself a bowl with warm to hot water and tip in some oils and give those feet a soak. They deserve it, as they have carried you around all day. And you deserve it too.

Filing dry or hard skin

The final part of a good skincare routine for your feet is using a foot file or a pumice stone to help rid yourself of the thick layers of dry skin that can appear at your heels. While you can prevent this from happening with appropriately sized shoes, you will need to deal with it once it arrives.

Using a file or pumice stone is one of the gross tasks that makes us hard to love. A bit of free relationship advice would be to do this dry skin removal away from everyone.  Alternatively, you can take yourself to a spa and treat yourself to a treatment, which will leave your feet feeling luscious.

The takeaway

When you are establishing a skincare routine, you should think of more than your hands and face. Your feet are under constant pressure from wear and tear and from being enclosed in shoes, socks and slippers. Therefore, we need to give over 10 minutes each week to checking in with your feet and giving them some TLC.