7 Benefits of a Foot Warming Massager

7 Benefits of a Foot Warming Massager

Using foot warming massager techniques or foot massaging machines is beneficial to your health and overall well-being.

When you add in a foot warming massage element, you will feel the benefits even better.

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All foot massagers are great, but choosing one that also offers a heated massage option increases many of the benefits of regular massage and adds some additional ones as well.

Why should you choose heated foot massaging over the traditional, non-heated option? Let’s explore its benefits:

1) It’s comfortable

While it might not be high on a list of health benefits, the biggest overall benefit that a heated massage can provide is comfort. After all, you want a foot massage because it’s relaxing, and adding heat only serves to make it that much better and more comfortable.

2) It warms your muscles

Traditional massage is great for warming up your muscles. But a well-heated massage brings something else to the table as well — take heated foot warmers, for example.

While the action of massage itself does generate some heat, most of the time it cannot be noticeably felt. So, the added heat from the heating element on the foot massager will speed up that muscle warming process and continue it for long even after the massage ends.

If you suffer knots in your feet in particular and want to get rid of them, a heated foot massaging is a much better option too. The action of heat helps to reduce the tension on the muscles, helping them relax. Along the way, it allows removing those knots and tense areas. Even a simple pair of heated foot massage slippers can help you relax.

3) Foot warming improves blood circulation

This is one example of a benefit of foot warming that is also present in a traditional massage, but to a lesser extent. Nevertheless, the foot massaging motion itself will stimulate certain circulation. It really takes the heat to help break down some of the blockages that cause the poor circulation and get it going again.

Just like the muscle warming process, heated foot massaging will simply improve what is already being done.

 4) It speeds up healing

What happens when circulation increases, especially in areas where it was limited before?

      • Muscles and tendons heal faster
      • Joints feel better
      • More nutrients are fed to the tissues in this area of the body

If you are looking toward foot warming as a way of speeding up healing, then you are on the right track.

One problem that can often occur when people get a foot massage for the first time is the feeling of pain in the area that is being massaged. That is but natural. But the initial pain from the massage is temporary, and more of a result of tight muscles rather than a serious problem.

Heated massage is great at working to release those tight muscles and let the foot massaging actually create healing instead of pain.

5) It dissolves toxins

The foot warming massager will be your effective detoxifying tool. The foot warming capabilities of a heated massager are great at getting rid of toxins from the body. Once toxins build up in your tissues, they can be very difficult to be eliminated.

Just like heat from a sauna allows you to sweat out toxins, heat from a foot massager will help push your toxins into your bloodstream.

Your body will then begin to process them and excrete them as waste, helping you feel much better over time.

Useful tip: after your massage, you should drink a glass of water to help flush the toxins.

6) It eliminates muscle spasms

One of the nasty side effects of some types of muscle problems are the spasms associated with them.

If you find yourself really hurting after a major activity, particularly one that is stressful to the body, a heated massage may be just what the doctor ordered.

Heat will help calm the muscles down, slowing down and eliminating muscle spasms.

Even ones that are very serious and painful. If this is a problem that you are currently experiencing, it’s also important to drink water while massaging away the spasm, as that could be another cause of the problem.

7) It re-energizes your body

When it comes to making you feel better, heated massage finds no equal. The amount of relaxation that you can get from a simple foot massage is just incredible.

When you add heat to the equation, it gives an incredible, out-of-this-world feeling. Eventually, your health will slowly return to normal and you start to feel even better — in fact, you may feel even far more energized than when you did when you were about to start the massage. You will still feel the benefits even after the massage is done.

For this reason, you may want to consider a 15-minute foot massaging session a few hours before you start any strenuous activity too. This will give you enough time to allow the foot warming to trigger many beneficial reactions in your body.