Homedics Foot Spa

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a foot spa. It consists of any of these things: soaking your feet in sudsy water (mostly a scented bubble bath), scrubbing, exfoliating, moisturizing your feet. Professional foot spas also include pedicure, massage and nail polish as part of their service package.

But you don’t have to do regular foot spa visits because foot spa machines are readily available on the market. There are newer foot spa machines that also function as ionic detox machines which, manufacturers claim, flush the toxins out of your body.

But if you just want the soothing feeling you’ll get from a foot spa but at the comfort of your home, get the HoMedics Foot Spa and get blissfully relaxed.

The HoMedics Foot Spa is considered the best and most relaxing foot spa available. Users have claimed that Homedics foot Spa for is ideal for foot massage relaxation

This machine provides a kneading massage to relax and rejuvenate your tired soles and arches.

HoMedics Foot Massage

If your feet are tired and aching after a hard days work, treat yourself to a relaxing foot spa massage and soak that weary feeling right out of your feet.

Just like a salon pedicure — but only at your home, in your time, of course — when you are ready and the salon is closed. You can use it any time of the day or season.

There are a variety of types of HoMedics foot spa, some with rollers for massaging, or with bubbles, some with heaters to warm the water in just minutes. There is so much choice that we have listed some of the latest models for you to look at and assess by yourself:

HoMedics FB-55 Bubble Mate Foot Spa:

  • It generates refreshing bubbles to provide relaxing and invigorating massage for your tired feet.
  • Heat helps in maintaining the temperature of the water.
  • It features an integrated splash guard that helps in preventing accidental spills and splashing.
  • It has nodes for a soothing foot massage.
  • It has the removable pumice stone which makes for a more personalized foot massage experience.
  • It features a toe-touch control for conveniently switching functions without having to bend over.

HoMedics FB-450H Bubble Spa Elite Footbath

  • It provides invigorating and relaxing massage to tired and overworked feet.
  • Its “heat boost power” feature heats up cold water in just minutes and maintains the warm temperature of the water throughout your foot spa session.
  • The 2-in-1 pedicure center has a pedicure brush for cleaning and cleansing, and a pumice stone to smooth out and exfoliate the feet.
  • It has the sensual “sea grass” massaging floor which stimulates your feet, soothing and rejuvenating them (not to mention it gives you an overall pleasurable feeling, too!)
  • It is easy to carry with its tote handle, which helps in no-splash, no-spill, and no-mess convenience.
  • It has the toe-touch control for convenient changing of the controls.
  • It has the comfortable foot rest.

HoMedics FB-625H Shower Bliss Foot Spa

  • Unlike other models, this one has shower jets that help in reviving and relaxing tired, overworked feet.
  • It generates bubbles which provide gentle massages and soothe tired feet.
  • Like other models, the HoMedics FB-625H Shower Bills Foot Spa has a heat boost power feature, which heats up water and maintains its temperature throughout your foot spa session.
  • The 3-in-1 pedicure center has a pedicure brush for cleaning and cleansing, a pumice stone to smooth out and exfoliate the feet, plus an additional massage roller to knead tired feet.
  • It has built-in storage for storing pedicure attachments.
  • It features an Acu-node surface which delivers a more spot-on massage on the bottom of your feet.
  • It features a toe-touch control for conveniently switching functions without having to bend over.

Treat your feet to the perfect pedicure in the comfort of your own home with our luxurious HoMedics Foot Spa with Heat, with soothing heat, gentle vibration, refreshing bubbles, and shower jets.

Amazon may feature some of the older HoMedics foot spa machine models, which include some of the features of the newer models. Check out more details on product functions and features, pricing and customer reviews on Amazon to get more information and feedback on HoMedics foot spa machines.

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