How Often Should I get a Foot Spa?

Besides the hands, feet are perhaps the most used part of the body every single day. When we walk, run, and managing our day-to-day tasks, we put pressure on them, making them vulnerable to injury and pain. 

Although the feet are just on the lowest part of our body, our entire body and movement will still be affected whenever it feels pain. Also, our feet are connected to other parts of the body via our nervous system, so having sore feet will also affect the whole body.

Taking care of yourself includes taking care of your mental and physical being, and that also involves taking care of every part of your body from head to toe. For example, don’t wait for an injury to happen before noticing what your feet need. Besides a regular pedicure, a foot spa is also an excellent way of taking care of our feet.

What is Foot Spa?

What is Foot Spa

It’s not your first time to hear this method, and perhaps you have already experienced this. Some people spare extra money to get a regular foot spa. However, it’s never a substitute for professional medical advice significantly when your feet are injured and suffering from severe pain. Meanwhile, a foot spa can effectively ease pain or supplement medical therapies as doctors or healthcare professionals advise. 

Like the body that feels relieved after a massage, our feet also need similar pampering through a foot spa. A foot spa is a calming and helpful technique that caters to all the feet’ demands.

A foot spa is a therapy that nourishes your feet and provides a soothing experience for your mind and body. This therapy includes five essential steps: Trimming nails, soaking feet in warm water, exfoliating to remove dead skin and impurities, moisturizing by applying massage cream and foot pack, and applying nail polish.



#1. Cleans your Feet

Of course, your feet won’t feel relieved and relaxed if it isn’t cleaned. If your feet are clean, you will also free yourself from any foot diseases. Healthy feet are also a step towards maintaining a healthy body.

#2. Relieves Stress

If you are engaged in a job that requires long hours standing, or walking, one of the best remedies to de-stress and treat yourself is to have a foot spa. Your feet work more, and so it also deserves to be rewarded. Some studies support the idea that foot spa benefits depression patients because it relieves muscle tension and connective tissues, promoting a calming effect. It enhances the mood and provides positivity. So, it is essential for relaxation after a stressful and hectic day.

#3. Makes Feet Healthier

More than 55 bones and 60 joints make up our feet, along with several muscles, nerves, and ligaments. So, getting a foot spa makes these components of your feet happier and healthier.

#4. Detoxifies Body

A foot spa is more than just a relaxation activity; but it also detoxifies the feet and the body. Some salons use foot spa detox machines as part of their professional foot care services. Those machines help detoxify the body and promote positive energy and a feeling of relaxation. It effectively boosts energy levels.

#5. Improves Blood Circulation

As the muscles in the feet and the body relaxes from the tensions, the massage from a foot spa, therefore, regulates the blood circulation and nourishes your overall wellbeing.

#6. Relieves Headaches 

Several nerves on our feet are connected to the brain. With a foot spa, these nerves relax, which lightens the headache and migraine pain that a person is feeling. 

#7. Relieves Arthritis Pain

People suffering from arthritis pain can truly benefit from the relief that a foot spa can give. Foot spas are highly beneficial for foot muscles and ankle as it eases the tight muscles and provides flexibility to the ankle. 

For women wearing high heels for a longer extended time, a foot spa is helpful to reduce the pain and discomfort caused due to wearing high heel shoes. Regular foot spa sessions paired with light exercises can notably improve arthritic pain. But the next question would be, how often is a regular foot spa?


Like with body massage, the question of “how often” depends on the need of your feet. If you are involved in tedious footwork every day, your feet need frequent care than those working in an office sitting for hours and just doing calls and tasks on the computer.

Ideally, professionals suggest that a foot spa is best for the feet and the body at least once or twice a month. Ensure that you are maintaining proper care for your feet after receiving treatment or massage.

You can also do a natural foot spa at home. There are foot spa massager tubs available online, and you can add essential oils and some effective lotions for your feet’ skin and overall health. Always care for your feet because happy feet make a happy body.