How to Take Care of Your Feet on a Backpacking Trip

Your feet are vital when you are on a backpacking trip. For the number of miles you are traveling, you will need your feet to be okay. You will feel bad when you develop complications like blisters when you are on your trip. That is more than heartbreak. You will feel like the world is ending because of the way you had prepared for that day. So, if you don’t want your feet to fail during your trip, you need to take care of them.

So, what are the ways of taking care of your feet during a backpacking trip? The following are tips you need to know before you embark on your journey. However, if you need an expert in dissertation writing, then Thesis Helpers is the best. Later in this article, you will find all the points you need.

Wash and Dry Your Feet

You are out of the bathroom and want to prepare yourself for your backpacking trip. Before coming out of the toilet, please remember to wash your feet thoroughly. Once you are done, dry them. Ensure you dry the spaces in between your toes. When you leave water in between your toes, you tend to develop feet ailments.

So, if you have that habit of not drying your feet properly, start today. That will prevent your feet from having issues during your upcoming backpacking trip. It might be so disgusting to go back home because of small mistakes like not washing and drying your feet appropriately.


The shoes you choose for your hike are essential. As shoes protect your feet from external injury, but with the wrong shoes, you may develop problems with your feet. You need to wear shoes that fit you properly. Not shoes that have some spaces for friction to take place. When such a thing happens, then your probability of developing blisters is high.

Additionally, don’t forget to lace them properly. When you tie your footwear correctly, then you won’t have issues while on your backpacking trip. So, to take care of your feet during your trip ensure you wear and properly lace the right footwear.

Keep Your Toenails Short and Do it Correctly

Yes, you need to keep your toenails short, and while doing that, you have to do that properly. It may look like a non-issue now, but while walking, you will notice that you may have issues with your toenails. Remember that you will be wearing your well-fitting shoes and when your toenails are long you will experience problems.

You may start bleeding, which will cause you to halt your backpacking trip. When clipping your toenails, ensure that clip them straight don’t curve them as it will lead to complications while walking. Once you finish cutting your toes, use a file to straighten them. With these, you are sure that you will not develop issues during your hike.


A warm, dry, and clean socks are what you need for your backpack trip. Don’t ever repeat the socks you wore yesterday for your hike. That will be a terrible decision you would have made. Choose clean socks that dried adequately. In most instances, expert hikers recommend that you wear two pairs of socks. One of the socks should be lighter to keep your skin moisturized.

Another thing why you need to wear two pairs of socks is to prevent friction while you are walking, when selecting the right socks, to ensure that they are not made of cotton. Because cotton absorbs sweat, it’s not good for your feet as it makes it uncomfortable as you walk.

Take Breaks

Your feet don’t use hydraulics to move. The food and water you drink are what enable you to continue moving. For your hike, you will have to walk for miles. For those reasons, you need to take breaks to eat and drink so that you may regain energy to continue walking.

Therefore, as much as you may want to reach your destination quickly, don’t put your feet on the line. They are essential to continue your trip as it may take days or weeks.


A backpacking trip is always fun. If you have never been in one, ensure you find one to get the best experience of hiking. Also, while you prepare for your trip, keep your feet healthy is essential as they are what you need. I hope you have learned a lot.