How To Take Care of Your Feet While Traveling

If you’ve ever made your way around the world with a backpack, you probably know that it is essential that you have the right gear to keep you comfortable from your clothes, bag, and all the way down to your socks and shoes. Your feet are the most important part of your body you should pamper when you’re traveling. Most foot injuries and issues can be avoided if you properly take care of them. That is why in this article, we are going to give you some tips to ensure safe travels for your feet. 

Condition your feet

Remember to start your light and train your feet steadily until you become comfortable even while you’re carrying your things. It is important to know your limit when it comes to walking and carrying items.

Remember to take breaks

If your destination is about an hour or two away from where you are, always remember to get up, stretch, and walk around periodically to keep the blood flowing smoothly on your legs and feet. If you’re driving, plan your stops ahead at least every couple of hours and get out of your car for a short walk. 

Choose comfortable shoes 

This is probably the most important thing you should not forget if you want to take care of your feet while traveling properly. Remember to only wear the strappy sandals and flip-flops on your vacation site. While you’re on the road, always make sure that you’re wearing supportive and comfortable shoes. Running for flights, hauling your luggage, packing, and unpacking can put some stress on your feet. That’s why it requires you to have good shoes. 

Do not forget to bring foot care basics

Remember to bring bandages, moleskin, an emery board, nail clippers, and even nail clippers while you’re traveling. These foot care basics can save the day when you encounter minor foot injuries, and they can also be preventive care. 

Break your shoes in

If you’re going to wear new shoes, remember to break them in before you go on your vacation. There is no better way to make sure that you will not have any blisters, even if you walk for hours in your new shoes. Wear your new shoes even if you’re indoors for a few days before you go on a vacation, and let the heat of your feet soften and shape your shoes. This way, your shoes will fit you better, and they will not hurt you in the long run. 

Take good care of your shoes and remember to bring an extra pair 

This is a good tip, especially if you’re going to a place with a warm climate. Your shoes need to air out even for a day to help reduce dampness from perspiration. Making sure your shoes are dry helps prevent bacterial infection and blisters because as your feet sweat, it can increase the friction between your shoes. 

Wear padded socks that can absorb moisture 

If you cannot afford to bring an extra pair of shoes, then the best way for you to avoid having sweaty and smelly feet while you’re traveling is to bring extra pairs of socks. Change your socks every day or at least frequently while you’re traveling, and if you know that you had an active day, it will help to prevent bacterial build-up and blisters.

Make sure that you’re in good condition for walking or foot travel

If you know that you’re going to walk more than the average amount you usually do. Start to increase your distance at least several weeks before your vacation. Also, make sure that your feet and body are prepared for the steps you’re going to take while you’re on vacation. 

If you have a long flight, remember to wear comprehension socks 

These types of socks can help prevent blood clots and vein thrombosis from forming in your legs by stimulating the blood flow and circulation to and from your extremities.