The Best Shoes to Ease Foot Pain

Ever felt that your feet are always in pain? What about that persistent pain in the heel area? If you feel this every now and then, chances are you are suffering from foot pain, including plantar fasciitis.

The latter is a common condition that causes a nagging, frustrating discomfort in the heel area while running or walking that sometimes, it’s almost unbearable. Athletes who suffer from foot discomforts have to battle this every day.

You see, foot pain can restrain us from giving our best to the demands of everyday life, let alone going a mile for the things we enjoy doing.

So, before you buy that pair of shoes you have been eyeing for quite a while, you may want to consider these tips to make sure you are getting the right pair for your hurting feet. Make sure to read further!

Shopping for the right shoes

It always happens: the moment you get your toes cleaned and prepped, you want to flaunt your pretty nails. But then foot pain happens, and you just kind of have to suffer with the comfiest shoes you have.

And you are tired of this. But here’s the good news: there are some pairs of shoes that can help you alleviate the pain.

When you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes, you might want to make sure that you are spending your money that makes walking and running comfortable, not worse. Here are some crowd-favorite shoes you might want to check out:

Sonoma Women’s Flats from SoftWalk

If you are experiencing pain while carrying your children here are the tips on how to avoid foot pain while carrying your children. These shoes offer half sizes for those who have more complicated sizing, offering options between narrow, wide, and even extra wide. Also check out these tips on how to avoid foot pain while carrying your children.

You can check other shoes from SoftWalk too, as they come with removable inserts for heightened support. Some pairs also come with stabilizing characteristics to ensure you get the best comfort possible.

Rockport’s DresSports Men’s Shoes

Another cult-favorite is a pair from Rockport, or any of their dress shoes from their DresSports collection. They’re probably the comfiest pair you will ever have, and in fact, the brand even sent a team of marathoners in these shoes to run 26.2 miles to prove their claim! How cool is that?

The brand promises ultra-comfort, adding padded collars and tongues to help keep blisters at bay, as well as shock-absorbing heels to lessen leg and heel fatigue. Make sure to check this collection out!

New Balance Fresh Foam 10080V9

If you are more of a runner, you should probably try this type of New Balance! The Fresh Foam 1080V9 embraces all sexes, all fashion styles, and all types of pain. This pair of shoes comes with a wide toe box that promotes better stabilization and ample cushioning to help absorb shock. Plus, it looks classy too! 

Boston Birkenstock

It’s about time to flaunt those newly-cleaned toes! A pair of Boston Birkenstock will be your new best friend during weekend strolls and errands. It’s a pair that comes with an arch support that shapes to your foot over time, providing a unique kind of comfort that never wears out.

Other tips when shopping for shoes

Here’s the thing: choosing the right pair of shoes help lessen the pain, but it does not provide a permanent solution. Here are some tips to help you maximize the comfort of your new pair of shoes:

1. Shop for shoes at night, when your day is about to end and after your feet have naturally expanded all throughout the day.

2. When trying out new shoes, wear the same socks as you would intend to wear with your new pair of shoes.

3. Make sure to measure your feet well. If one foot is slightly bigger than the other, opt for a size that fits the larger foot. Also, keep in mind that foot sizes vary among brands and manufacturers, so you may need to do a wear test before purchasing a pair.

4. When standing, keep in mind that the right pair of shoes should have room, at least a quarter to half-inch of allowance inside.

5. When trying out new shoes, make sure to try walking on them. Pay close attention to how your feet feel after a few walks.