Toenail Clippers for Elderly and Handicapped Persons

In choosing the best toenail clippers for the elderly and handicapped, consider buying comfortable and maneuverable ones. A toenail clipper should be easy to grip and can cut cleanly.

Whether you are an adult, senior, or someone taking care of an elderly or handicapped, making toenail care part of the hygiene routine is essential. Some people with disabilities find regular toenail clippers cannot get the job done and sometimes worsen the situation. That is why having the right tool for the job is very important. 

Some toenail clippers can be too delicate for an elderly’s thick toenails, while others aren’t appropriate for thin, brittle nails. So, in choosing a toenail clipper, it is crucial to consider factors such as the user’s nail type and safety features and ensure it is easy to use.

Various toenail clippers are available, but not all toenail clippers are created equally. It isn’t easy to choose which ones are perfect for an individual.

There are various types of toenail clippers available for seniors than most people think. Here are some guides in picking the best toenail clippers for seniors and the elderly:

Angled Head or Ergonomic Clippers

The angled head toenail clippers are becoming more popular for older adults. These devices are best for seniors with arthritis because they have an angled head. This feature makes it easier for the users to get an excellent grip on the device without holding it too close to their toes and, at the same time, easier to see what you are doing.

Electric Nail Clippers

The electric model is another popular type of toenail clipper. These devices need to be plugged in and clipped at their nails with long strokes. Although it is easier to use, electric toenail clippers are less durable than manual models.

Manual Clippers

The manual clippers need to be held close to the toes and clip the nails with short strokes. It may be durable, but it is difficult for seniors to use because they may not have enough strength, particularly when cutting thick nails.

Rotary Clippers

The rotary toenail clipper is another common type of toenail clipper for the elderly. It is easier to use than manual and electric models, but it is not as durable. The device is held at a 90-degree angle and clips away from the nails with short strokes.

Podiatric Foot Files

Last but not least is the podiatric foot files. These devices are used to remove dead skin and debris from the feet and are usually used with manual or electric toenail clippers.

Toenail clipping is easy for younger people, but it becomes more challenging as people get older; here are some of the many reasons:

Arthritic Hands – Many seniors or elderly people have arthritis, which affects their hands, making it very difficult to hold and operate a nail clipper.

Hard to Reach Toes – Toenails become harder to reach as you age because inactivity and limitations in abilities set in.

Overweight – Some older people struggle with weight issues, and extra weight makes it more difficult to bend and reach the toes.

Thick toenails – This is a widespread problem as we age, that your toenails become thickened and very hard to cut.

Toe Deformities – Having any toe deformities such as Arthritic conditions, Bunions or Hammertoes makes toenail clipping challenging.

Why do nails change as people age?

It is typical for most people’s toenails to change shape and color as they age; this is because of the decreasing production of natural oil, the lesser activity of the nail bed, or the nail plate becoming thinner and less elastic making it more brittle and split. Cutting split and brittle nails usually leave sharp edges.

As people age, they are also more prone to lose minerals from the nails making the nails change color to yellow or brown, and sometimes even have nail fungal infections.

For others, toenails become thickened, making them very difficult to clip. While in some cases, nails change in shape because of a decrease in natural oil production. Thicker nails are difficult to cut and require a more durable toenail clipper to cut through them. Usually, cutting the thickest nails leaves behind rough edges, which can cut or cause injuries.

Recommended Handicap Toenail Clippers

Different type of nail clippers

Aside from the elderly, people with disabilities also require specially designed toenail clippers. While most people do not consider cutting toenails difficult, it can be very challenging for people with disabilities. That is why there are specially built toenail clippers for them to make the task easier. 

Here are some of the best specifically built toenail clippers for those who are facing some disability:

Harperton Nippit 

Harperton Nippit is one of the best toenail clippers available for seniors or handicapped. These are affordable and should do a decent job cutting hard-to-cut toenails. Its handle is coated with non-slip materials, giving the user an excellent grip to smoothly clip nails of any size.

Harperton Nail Clipper Set

Harperton Nail Clipper Set is another high-quality nail clipper for the handicapped. It comes in a set of two, giving the user the ability to choose a set that precisely fits their needs.

This all-in-one package can cut various nail types, including handicapped, elderly, kids, and seniors. Because it is made from high-quality surgical stainless steel, you can expect it to last long. And although it is one of the best toenail clippers, it is affordable. 

Seki Edge Toenail Clipper

Another top-rated toenail clipper for the handicapped is the Seki Edge because of its impressive design and precise cutting ability. It was meticulously designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand, giving them a better grip when cutting toenails.

Aside from its high-graded tempered steel, the Seki Edge also has a jaw opening that works as a built-in safety feature.

SZQHT Toenail Clippers

Seniors or people suffering from some disabilities usually rely on others to cut their nails. SZQHT provides a solution by manufacturing a magical toenail clipper to save them from the stress of growing nails.

These toenail clippers for the handicapped can easily cut the thick texture of nails. It has a stainless-steel jaw which is strong enough to handle the thickness of nails. Elderly people can grip this non-slip toenail clipper without a problem and manage the growth of their nails themselves.

It can be used for all the needs of the nails like manicure, pedicure, or trimming can be fulfilled by this nail clipper. It can even be used to trim the nails of dogs and cats.

Steinder Toenail Clippers for Handicapped

Steinder is a brand that manufactures innovative and distinctive toenail clippers for the handicapped.

This toenail clipper has a rotating head to handle the toughest toenail effortlessly. With these clippers, a handicapped person can manage to cut his nails independently.

Steinder toenail clippers have a rotating head so the user can clutch the nail according to their position. It also does a great job of getting rid of ingrown nails. 

Proper Use of Toenail Clipper

  • Soften the nails in warm water for about ten to 15 minutes, or use a softening cream to make the job easier.
  • Properly dry the nails before cutting them to prevent the spread of bacteria or fungi.
  • Don’t rush; make minor cuts for an excellent finish.
  • Clean the clipper after using an alcohol or disinfectant wipe, then dry it with a paper towel.