What to Consider When Buying New Shoes?

Shopping for new shoes is one of the fun things that you can do, especially if you want to have the perfect pair of shoes every time you create a new look for yourself. In addition to that, some of the obvious signs that you need to buy new shoes are if you notice bulging on the sides of your old shoes, if your toes are curved inside them, and if you start acquiring blisters. These factors make buying shoes like a health need to prevent possible injuries.

When purchasing new shoes, more than the style, type of shoes, and brand, there are other important factors that you need to look into in order to get the best one. Remember that your feet bear the entire weight of your body. Therefore, it’s only right to invest in high-quality shoes that can sustain your weight and as well as endure different kinds of terrains.

If you are looking into buying new shoes but unsure of what to look into to find the perfect pair, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of what to consider when buying new shoes.

1. Buy new shoes at the right time

Yes, you’ve read that right. There is indeed a right and wrong time when it comes to buying shoes. The right time, or let’s say the best time to buy a new pair of shoes, is in the evening. While early mornings might be great for starting your day with some shopping with fewer crowds, it is not the ideal time for finding the perfect fit. This is because your feet are slightly more swollen in the evening than in the morning.

Therefore, if you purchase shoes in the evening, you can ensure that they will be comfortable all day. Unlike when you buy a pair of shoes in the morning, they might become tight and uncomfortable to wear by the end of the day.

2. Make sure that the shoes fit properly

Just like pants, shirts, and dresses, shoe size also differs from one brand to another. For example, if you are size 8 in a sneaker, you can’t be too sure that you’ll also be size 6 when buying a sandal, high heel, or another sneaker brand. Therefore, it is always important to try on the shoes that you want, to make sure that it actually fits, and that it fits properly and comfortably.

When buying dress shoes, the size-versus-fit conundrum is important to remember. You need to make sure that there is a finger’s-width worth of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Aside from that, you also need to pay attention to the width of your feet. Look at the widest part of the shoe and the widest part of your foot. It is great if they are the same size.

3. Always choose to buy flexible shoes

After getting the size of your shoes right, you also need to consider the softness of the leather and a flexible shoe sole. Choose shoes with soles that can bend. Therefore, you need to do the bending test to know if a shoe is flexible. If you bend the shoe and its sole take a V form, it means that it has exemplary flexibility.

4. Try on both shoes when buying a new pair

Remember that our feet are almost never the same length and width. Therefore, it is important to try on both shoes and not just one. Also, shoe size can become longer and wider with age. Meaning, you need to be open-minded when buying a new pair. If it fits, it does not matter if it is a size larger or wider than your previous pair. The important thing is if it is comfortable and if it fits well.

5. Do not rush when buying new shoes

When buying new shoes, you need to take your time. Check the inside of the shoes if there are any seams that may be uncomfortable or any hardened areas. Choose shoes that are fully lined to ensure that there will be no unnecessary seams and edges.

6. Check the overall quality of the shoes

Keep in mind that the quality of shoes reduces when used frequently. Any wear and tear could accelerate an unstable foot’s structure. Therefore, ensure that you are buying high-quality shoes. One of the things that you can do is check on the stitch count. The general rule is that an adult shoe needs to have at least 8 to 10 stitches per inch. Make sure that the shoes you are choosing will not wear down easily, especially if you want to use them when traveling or for a sports event.

7. Cost

And of course, you also need to consider your budget when buying a new pair of shoes. The ones you can find in the present time come in different brands and materials. There are also a lot of popular names when it comes to the shoes that most people wear. Therefore, when buying new shoes, you need to factor in the cost and make sure that you get the best deal for the amount you pay to give you the highest value for money. And also, remember that expensive does not always mean better.

These are some of the things you need to consider when buying new shoes. When you follow these shoe requirements, you will surely be able to find the perfect pair of new shoes for you, which will fit comfortably and can last for a longer period. We hope these tips will help you in buying your new pair of shoes soon.

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