What we should eat to make our muscles stronger

There is no true living without absolute wellness. A sick person cannot jump around, neither can a weak person engage in high-energy activities. If they do, they will fail woefully. As such, for those who desire to live in absolute wellness, the onus is on you to take your health in your hands and do the right thing. Of course, there will be temptations along the way, but your resolve for living healthy has to be stronger than those temptations. If you eat right, you will have strong muscles, avoid foot injuries and enjoy good health overall. If you do not, you cannot get the most out of your health. Here are foods you should eat for stronger bones:

Milk and yoghurt

Milk and yoghurt are some of the foods that contain vitamin D and some amount of calcium to help you build strong bones. You can never go wrong with these two foods. Milk can serve as an accompaniment to a variety of foods, and you can always get fresh yoghurt from farms around you.

Fish such as salmon and tuna

Not only are these two varieties of fish sweet to eat, they are also good for your health. They contain more than your daily dose of vitamin D and are good for your bones. Salmon and tuna are foods you should never shy away from.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits are generally considered to be magic foods. They work for all-round physical wellness. They not only provide strong bones, they also help to ward off excess fat and stabilize blood sugar levels. Different fruits have different vitamins, so eating a wide range of fruits will help provide you with everything you need. Vegetables are another set of foods you should not shy away from. Your greens are very important in developing healthy muscles. Kale, celery, lettuce, cabbage zucchini, etc. should not be far from your table. You can eat them alone or add as an accompaniment to other foods.

Whole grains and cereals

These are another set of foods that should not be found lacking in your diet. However, ensure they are organically grown and produced. Go for food brands that deliver their food products straight from the farm.


Legumes are plant foods that contain healthy protein. Try to make them available in your diet often.

Dairy products

Dairy products such as eggs, cheese, butter, lard, etc. are great sources of protein and several other vitamins. However, you should not consume them too much because some of these foods have high cholesterol content which may be bad for your health.

Fortified foods

There are some foods specifically made to fortify the bones in the body. You can also eat these foods. However, before you consume them, it is advisable you check the expiry date and know what they are made of. If you don’t trust the brand, do not bother buying the food. Always watch out for your health before you eat anything. If you notice that you are always eating junks or unhealthy food, the key is to supplement food with nutritious snacks.


Supplements are drugs or syrups that are specially made to boost muscle health. However, ensure you run it by your doctor before you take supplements to be on the safe side. Supplements must never be too much too. Your food is your first medicine, not your drugs.

Other strategies

Exercising and massages are other ways to strengthen your muscles and avoid food injuries. You can do daily massages on your foot with quality creams and oil. Exercising will help to keep you fit, help you develop lean muscles, and also make it easier for you to be alert when and easily avoid instances where you could injure your foot even if you noticed at the last minute.

Do not rely on foods alone to build strong bones. You need quality sleep and exercise. Sleep as and when due and for the number of hours your body requires. You cannot cheat nature; doing so means you are inviting jeopardy into your life. Take out time to work out. You are training to win a heavyweight championship, so take it easy with yourself. Have fun and find a way to destress every time you feel overstretched. A healthy life is a combination of many parts. You deserve a healthy life, so go for it.