Benefits of Massage Therapists for Seniors

Massage Therapists

Massage treatment refers to the manual manipulation of muscles, soft tissues, using soft light-handed movements of varying length and strength. Massage therapy has been in use since time immemorial and has proven health benefits. Research studies have pointed to the holistic healing of the body during the session which continues to have … Read more

All About Foot Xerosis

Xerosis is also known as dry skin, and it can appear on any part of the body, including your feet. It has an itchy and tight-feeling on the skin that is flaking off or feeling rough. It is worse than dry skin as it can put you at risk for a bacterial … Read more

Should I Invest in Diabetic Socks?

People who are suffering from diabetes have very high blood glucose or blood sugar. It comes with many different symptoms, such as frequent urinating, thirst, sudden loss of weight, hunger, blurry vision, numb or tingling feet and hands, fatigue, dry skin, sores that heal slowly, and infections. It is a type of … Read more

9 Exercises for Your Sprained Ankle

If you’ve ever suffered an injury, you will know how painful it could be. Perhaps, you were participating in a sporting activity and got your foot kicked. It’s not an experience that needs to be repeated because no one loves to feel pain. However, with a lot of exercises, you can help … Read more

What to Consider When Buying New Shoes?

Shopping for new shoes is one of the fun things that you can do, especially if you want to have the perfect pair of shoes every time you create a new look for yourself. In addition to that, some of the obvious signs that you need to buy new shoes are if … Read more

Taking Care of Your Feet While Using a Foot Massage Chair

Are you taking care of your feet? Have you ever thought about getting a massage? If you have never thought of getting one, then why not do so. Getting a foot massage can improve your health and wellbeing as it helps the body to relax. Relaxed body, means more alertness and more … Read more

Making a DIY Foot Spa

Your feet are the precious body part, and taking care of them is essential. Your feet carry you many miles and also maintain the posture. After a long hard day, you feel tired, swollen, and calloused. Your feet carry your weight throughout the day and gives pressure to your feet because of … Read more

Why You Should Get a Foot Bath

To get the foot spa or treatment, it is not necessary to go to a spa for professional treatment. You can easily do it at home. A foot spa or foot massage gives you a lot of health benefits. A foot bath preparation at home needs a little number of ingredients and … Read more

Health Benefits of a Foot Massage

We get feet to ache even at an early age because our feet bear the weight of our bodies. We stand, walk, run and depend on our feet for most of the day. There are plenty of issues if we do not take care of our feet properly. For this purpose, a … Read more

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